5 Beginner Yoga Positions You Need To Know

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By : Nancy Terence

When you want to be at peace and harmony with your mind, body and spirit then yoga is perhaps the best traditional approach to it. When you do yoga you will instantly feel the various health benefits that it gives us. Some of these benefits include relieving the stress from our body, giving us a better posture whenever we stand or sit down, and stretching our muscles to keep them free from injuries. While these may sound fun and relaxing, yoga positions can be sometimes overwhelming for most beginners.

In reality they should not feel this as there are many yoga positions designed for beginners. However, there is no real need to worry about it because there are yoga positions that are perfect for all novices. Although these are really quite easy to do, just like with anything else, some beginners may find a few of these positions a little hard for them to follow. But through repetitions and constant training, all of these will go away allowing for you to achieve relaxation and greater balance like you have never felt before.

1. Balasana

This one is also called the Balasana and it aims to stretch your lower muscles such as the thighs, hips and ankles. This position can help relive back pain. To do this you must start by kneeling on the floor and then stretching out your upper body on the mat. Both of your arms should also be stretched out above your head with both palms resting on the mat. Your belly should be touching your knees.

2. The Tadasana

This yoga position is called the Mountain Pose and it will greatly help with your posture. To do this you must stand straight on your mat with your head and neck properly aligned to your spine. Make sure that your big toes are touching each other. When you do this position your knees will naturally be pressed on each other which may cause some discomfort to most people. To relieve this pressure, spread out your knees a little bit on the sides allowing for a little space between them.

3. Cat Stretch

This yoga position will strengthen your abdominal and stretch your spine. To do this position, you should drop on all fours and then straighten out your back. Just think of an invisible line that is drawn starting from your head, to your neck and finally to your spine. Keep this invisible line straight all the time. Hold this pose for two minutes.

4. The Uttanasana

Also known as the Standing Forward Bend yoga pose. It is one of the many beginner positions that will stretch out your hamstrings. Stretching your hamstrings is important because you make it more flexible and therefore less prone to injuries. You do this position by first standing straight. You then bend forward with both arms falling down the sides of your legs. Your palms should then be resting flat on the floor or your mat. Put your weight on the balls of your feet.

5. The Urdhva Hastasana

Also called the Raised Hands Pose and it is one of the easiest yoga positions to do. It will help improve your posture as well as your thigh muscles. You start out by standing straight on the floor or yoga mat. Always keep your back straight when doing this position. Next, put your arms in the air and keep it straight. Both of your palms should touch each other. Keep your head and neck straight and just feel your back muscles being stretched.

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