5 Reasons You Should Do Yoga

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By: JayFranco

You’ve probably read a lot of information that says doing Yoga is good for your health. Studies have proven that Yoga has a lot of health benefits. Maybe you’ve thought about starting a Yoga practice in the past but have just not gotten around to it. If you’re still not convinced that a regular Yoga practice is right for you here are the top 5 reasons that you should start doing Yoga:

1. Yoga can heal injuries The increased agility and strength that you get from a regular Yoga practice can help you heal old injuries and can even help you prevent new ones. Many people that suffer from pain caused by old injuries and have a hard time finding exercises that they can comfortably do find that Yoga is something they can do easily and without pain. If you have had past injuries that make exercising difficult or painful try Yoga.

2. Yoga can help you excel at other sports If you are an active athlete in another sport, or if you want to be, then the stretching and strength training aspects of Yoga can help you become a better overall athlete. Many of the top athletes in the world practice Yoga to help them perform better in their chosen sport.

3. Yoga can re-shape your body If you’ve recently had a baby, lost a lot of weight, or have had another event in your life that drastically altered your body starting a regular Yoga practice that focuses on strength and agility can help you re-shape your body and create the type of body that you want.

4. Yoga reduces stress If you have a high stress job or if you’re trying to balance a family and a career and you have a lot of stress in your life you’re at risk for developing serious stress-related illnesses. Doing Yoga on a regular basis can help you mange your stress and reduce your risk of illness and feel better.

5. Yoga helps you mind as much as your body. A regular Yoga practice will help balance your emotions and give you mental clarity in addition to helping your body stay fit and strong. In order to be truly healthy you need to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. Doing Yoga regularly can help you achieve true health and inner harmony.

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