A Brief Introduction To Yoga

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By : Adriana Noton

There are many great ways to approach fitness. Some methods aim to grant strength, while others have uses in weight loss and gaining speed or agility. One interesting facet of fitness is yoga, which can offer great benefits to those looking to explore it. If this is an interesting idea, take a look at some info on the topic.

This discipline is an approach to both the physical and mental aspects of the human body. It originated in India, but it is also associated with the meditative practices of Buddhism, Hinduism, and many other cultures. The classical techniques associated with this practice have been found to date back as far as 5000 years or so.

The styles of this practice are numerous, but fun to explore. Some are more beginner-friendly, while other styles are more suited to those with more flexibility and strength. The benefits of this practice are only just beginning to become fully realized. It is recommended that beginners start off slow with basics, and progressively increase the duration and difficulty of the various poses.

The overall goals of this discipline include fitness and flexibility, proper breathing techniques, and meditative practices. Many simply try it out for a while and walk away. However, those who develop a love for the system of their choice and stick with it will find a variety of benefits to becoming more advanced.

One of the primary benefits of this activity is the increase in the flexibility of the joints, tendons, and muscles. This can be important for avoiding a variety of injuries. Another important aspect is it’s long term strengthening of muscles, which can add overall functional strength to the body.

An increase in strength and flexibility can lead to better posture as well. Many sitting and standing poses work towards developing better core strength, which benefits basic posture. Better posture can help in avoiding many chronic pains that stem for slouching or slumping. This is especially true in avoiding back pain problems, which tends to stem from poor posture.

Perhaps the most important benefit is its affect on stress. The calming, serene breathing and meditation has been shown to calm nerves and reduce overall stress. Stressful situations in everyday life have been linked to a variety of health issues, and the meditative aspects of this discipline can help to overcome the problem. This can also improve overall mood and increase general concentration, which can prove to be very helpful in a variety of ways throughout everyday life.

The long term and short term benefits of yoga cannot be overstated. This ancient practice has been shown to improve the overall quality of life for most who practice it. Those who get involved are quick to cite it’s benefits for both the physical body, and the improvement of psychological aspects as well. It is recommended that a beginner take a class with a qualified instructor. There is a possibility of injury for those who are not familiar with the positions, or those who may get overzealous and attempt to take on more than what is reasonable for a novice.

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