A Yoga Pose For Your Active Lifestyle

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Wondering why yoga is a recommended exercise for active individuals? Specific yoga pose targets precise muscles to either flex or stretch. Stretching these targeted muscles, especially when in pain, will relax the stiff muscles and joints thus easing the discomfort.

The core characteristic of yoga practice is performing the yoga poses or called Asanas. A set of sequences is called a pose, each matches varying lifestyle needs. Pranayama, for one, makes the body strong, adaptable, and healthy. Many yoga poses improve blood circulation, strengthen abdominal muscles, and reduce shoulder and back pains. Thats why this is advisable for people living a fast-paced lifestyle, providing them with good physical health and tranquil mental state.

Why don’t you test one yoga pose to feel the stretch in your muscles? Set a yoga mat on soft supporting surface and try these yoga sequences of a fish pose.

First, lie on your back, bend the knees, and put your arms at your side. Then arch your back as far as you can and raise the arch off the ground by pushing the floor with your elbows. Finally, tilt your head backwards and rest the crown of your head on the floor. Hold this pose for at least a minute while breathing deeply from the diaphragm.

A Sukasana is a simple beginners posecomfortably seated in a cross-legged position. This is usually used for meditation practices. Fundamental in this pose is rooting your seat down to feel the spine growing long. Usually one heel is bent toward your groin, but you may opt to rest the other foot on the floor in front of you or bring it onto your lap. Then raise the crown of your head towards the ceiling.

Yoga’s popularity all over the world has spurred many medical experts to study its medical advantages. Thus, experts have recommended yoga in treating may body pains, heart disease, and other ailments.

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