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The problem of “Yoga and Creativity” is a problem of emotional golden middle, relevant for the population of developed countries in the West as never before.
Practicing asana, we, as noted earlier, is completely eliminated at any time from everyday reality. There is a change in the habitual perception of something different and unfamiliar, and in this moment of real hidden possibility of error. Its essence is that being immersed in an unusual and seemingly pointless work with the body, man can not part with disturbing thoughts, which are chewing experiences and challenges of everyday life. In fact, being immersed in the practice of asana, and a way to eliminate from the ordinary world, should now work through this free from the presence of this world in the mind and consciousness – completely forget about it during a yoga body! If this effect is not achieved, then what you do – not yoga and you can do it at least a thousand years, not even a step nearer to realization.
In the asana, by definition, the mind must be limited to only the body but in the early stages of development one way or another from outside, through the perception, spread to various disturbances. Mind spontaneously shuffles bits of the most significant external impressions, and this means the loss of the current object of activity, its invisible and involuntary substitution. The practice of asana loses a fair share of sense, as a model, the “external” state of mind, firstly, due to the usual level of tension of the nervous system, and secondly, provokes in the body of the standard patterns of stresses. We fall into an absurdity, performing a special work of the body with absolutely no charge to her state of mind. This is a fatal illusion – at least with regard to yoga asana – which you can think of one successful and doing another.
Genres of consciousness at the time working with the body must change absolutely – and I stress this again and will repeat later many more times in the very different context. The main classes in asana – to completely disable the mind and consciousness of everyday life, is what provides the main psychotherapeutic effect in the life of yoga, and also forms the skills of introspection without which categorically impossible mastery samyama.
In the presence of early lessons meaningful levels of anxiety or nervous stimulation should be run first, “Sava Sana” any relaxing Pranayama and Yoga Nidra. For those for whom it is available, the best means of initial sedation – a ten-minute stand on his head. Then, taking care to use two or three basic postures with great exposure to consciousness blurred, as if the donkey has lost the standard voltage, his usual tone.
And then may be another problem: now after school arose in the course of practice state of consciousness will “drag” for you in everyday life! I must admit – it’s damn annoying thing. The mechanics of what is happening is quite simple: the systematic practice of asana on the “subdued” the minds of quite strong, especially over time, refines perception. Increases tactile sensitivity, acute hearing, attention begins to distinguish the subtle sensation of motion in the body, etc.
Indeed, in this state, it seems that the usual daily routine suddenly turned into a universal rolling mill shop. Hence, the time has not been replaced by “genre” of perception. Before ending the practice of asana or meditation, this sensitivity must surely drown, otherwise people with a low threshold of excitability may gradually become neurotic. Before “Sava Sana” should read and clearly understand the intention: classes are over (or – start), my perception is relevant to what I’m doing and where I am. Such an intention can be installed twice – before the training asana and their end.
Improving the sensitivity of perception is a clear consequence of the qualitative work in reality. In the “Sutras” even says that “the yogi becomes sensitive like the eyeball.” It is normal when controlled. If such sensitivity arises and exists beyond your control, be sure to take the necessary measures. The problem of perception is directly related to the following theme, which should pay close attention: “If yoga makes people more peaceful and balanced – they say people of creative professions – does not keep it to certain dullness? After creation, as commonly believed, always contains elements of emotionality, if not ecstatic, what’s the point as a result of yoga to become calm, as the Indian’s tomb? ”
With yoga you can recover, but you can get sick. You can come to take off the spirit or turn into a blissful, without end will drive them into mindless positive experience.
It is foolish to blame the tool, it is impersonal, be wary of their ignorance. Hans Selye rightly noted that the stress free life is impossible in principle, but the whole thing in their magnitude, duration, and the sign of the state. Geniuses in the doping of creativity do not need, talent, unfortunately, they are exposed. But there’s something wrong, if creative activity requires constant artificial doping.

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