All inclusive: Studies and Costa Rica Yoga

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I found my next vacation spot. Okay, so I’d have to spend some time studying while I’m there, but why not study the extracurricular activities while I’m at it? I figure I need to balance my traditional studies with some Costa Rica Yoga (sounds very sensual, doesn’t it?) so that I can go home a well rounded individual. Finding a way to justify it to myself will make it easier to convince Mom and Dad to let me study abroad.

I can just picture myself out on the warm sand of Costa Rica, stretching slowly into each new yoga pose while I watch the surf coming and going. I think I’ll take advantage of some other English speaking adventures, like surfing, scuba diving and poi. Imagine scuba diving off the coast of Costa Rica. The waters are so blue and the colors so vivid under the surface. (Note to self: bring a brightly colored bikini to Costa Rica). Poi, which is fire dancing and quite frankly sounds a bit unsafe yet adventurous, will certainly provide some great travel-log! Surfing is not a sport I’ve ever attempted. I have a knack for the old saying, “If something can go wrong it will”. The last thing I want is to get taken down by a monster wave and end up with salt water coming out my nose when the local hunk has to administer mouth-to-mouth because I was hit in the head by my surf board. Okay, so that is a little extreme and unlikely, but it could happen, right?

Yes, I think Costa Rica Yoga is calling my name. I am definitely signing up for school in Costa Rica. Palm trees and yoga, ready or not here I come! I wonder if flip-flops will be approved attire for inside classes? (Note to self: pack 10 pair).

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