Attending Your First Yoga Class

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If you are totally new to yoga, it may be hard to figure out what to take. The last thing you want is to be intimidated by advanced students. If that happens you may not want to return if that happens. First of all, there are classes specific to beginners, gentle yoga classes as well as one’s that are user friendly to new students.

You may already be drawn to a specific school of yoga. For instance, some people want more meditation and in that case choosing a kundalini yoga class is a good idea. Each class contains a period of meditation in it. Other people may want a flowing type of motion and to experience the sun salutation poses. In that case, a Sivananda class or Ashtanga yoga class would be desirable.

Think about if your goals are more physical or spiritual. You can ask the center director about which would be the best match for you. Also by looking at videos you can get some ideas on what will click for you in terms of style. Certain styles resonate more for each of us.

Remember to bring water, a towel or mat as well as to shut your phone off before class. It can be very interrupting for a phone to ring during a yoga class, especially when there is a meditation going on!

Check on the credentials of the teacher to find someone with experience. The teacher should know how to help someone advance without creating any conditions that can cause injury. If you already have some bodily issues, let the teacher know so that you won’t hurt yourself. When you have any doubts, exercise caution and just stretch gently. Some studios will have a pass which lets you use it for any class offered at the center. This is a good way you can experiment and test out various styles as well as teachers. Don’t compare yourself with other students and focus on your own growth. The point of the class is physical rejuvenation, learning how to manage stress and ways to go deeper into your higher self. Keep this in mind and don’t try to focus on superficiality like yoga clothing or having the nicest mat.

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