Ayurvedic health formulas popular with Costa Rican men and women

ayurvedaBy Richard Barone

Ayurvedic formulas for health are popular with Costa Rican men and women. In a country where you grow up knowing all the names of medicinal plants and their uses, Ayurvedic medicine has skyrocketed in popularity. Primarily because of its effectiveness and the similarity of many plants here to ones in India where Ayurveda, which dates back tens of thousands of years, comes from. An alternative for more common store shelf health items, the Himalaya line has done a lot to bring Ayurveda to the masses.

Excellent lines of natural and homeopathic health remedies can be found in yoga and specialty stores. For those on a Costa Rica vacation combined with intensive therapies like cleansing and fasting or chemical and alcohol detox it means a readily available variety of quality products.

Health seems to be a primary reason for people to visit and subsequently return to stay here. The environment anywhere in Costa Rica is refreshing. Though I was initially apprehensive of the hot and dry season, it was not nearly as dramatic as those I experienced growing up in the Midwest.

The plants that grow in the different zones assure Ticos of a constant supply of fresh food and herbs to keep their health vibrant. The outdoor vegetable markets held weekends in most towns are a joy to stroll through. You will see beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables, some that will surely be new to you. No worries, it’s all time tested to please.

Costa Rica has rich, fertile soil and having a garden to enjoy and eat from is a dream come true. Even the compost heap becomes an adventure to visit when you know the schedule of wild visitors that come to pick it clean. So much clean air and green scenery full of sunlight act as the best medicine to turn back that biological clock.

A lotta laughter, ancient Ayurvedic knowledge and Costa Rica’s excellent environment, it’s a sure formula for paradise on Earth.

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