Bamboo Yoga Play, Dominical

A strange name such as Bamboo Yoga Play may make little sense in the beginning, but people discover its essence when they book their Costa Rica yoga surf retreats in this sanctuary for living artfully. Bamboo Yoga Play is an intimate bed and breakfast yoga studio in Dominical, Costa Rica. It sits close to the Baru river right in the middle of a lush rain forest at the base of the Talamanca mountain range, just a couple of minutes’ walk from the sea. The setting is ideal if you are looking to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, or if you are looking for opportunities for creative exploration and Costa Rica yoga surf retreats.

The centerpiece of Costa Rica yoga surf retreats is, of course, the yoga classes, and at Bamboo Yoga Play the style is a flowing, expressive technique called Bamboo Yoga. Developed by its founder Sofia Thom, Bamboo Yoga fuses inspirations from Anusara, Tantra and Hatha yoga with her own metaphor of the bamboo, inspiring flexibility, grace and strength. Sofia and her team of highly qualified and experienced facilitators blend yoga and dance to help people discover and express their inner selves.

The “play” part is no less important. It allows each person to creatively explore the inner self, delight in discoveries and express them through body movements. Bamboo Yoga Play differentiates itself from other Costa Rica yoga surf retreats by encouraging playfulness. Bamboo yoga does not emphasize the traditional poses; rather, it encourages students to express their inner voices in a free-flowing manner. Flying yoga is another experience that sets Bamboo yoga apart from the other Costa Rica yoga surf retreats. On a specially devised swing, students explore a number of acrobatic movements under the watchful guidance and with the support of their designated partners. But you don’t need to be an acrobat to enjoy this; all you need is an open mind, an open heart and the spirit of adventure. Flying yoga encourages playfulness and adventure while building trust and harmony.

Costa Rica yoga surf retreats would not be complete without the surfing. Just a few minutes away lies the majestic expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Like yoga, surfing requires a great deal of concentration, mind-body harmony and letting go. In a sense, surfing is the practical, real world application of the yoga techniques you learn, such as remaining calm in the face of turmoil happening all around you. Strong beach breaks and fairly big waves have made Dominical a destination for serious surfers who want to avoid the crowds in the other beaches. Bamboo Yoga Play has partnered with Costa Rica Surf Camp to provide surfing adventures.

Bamboo Yoga Play offers a number of features to make your stay there one of your most memorable Costa Rica yoga surf retreats. There are three rooms available to provide an intimate eco-lodging experience. A shared outdoor kitchen with complete amenities lets you prepare your meals, while a deck and community area let you socialize with other guests and offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains, rain forest and ocean. High speed Internet is available if you need to stay connected, and the well-stocked Bamboutique offers a wide selection of organic jewelry, fashionable apparel made from bamboo fiber, organic yoga gear and other souvenirs items.

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