Bhujangasana In Yoga Is Very Effective

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One of the important poses in yoga is bhujangasana. It is also known as cobra pose. The arms and back are strengthened by this asana, as it stretches the spine completely. Apart from this, it also benefits the heart and the chest. The health is benefited to a great extent by its psychological and physical effects. While performing the asana, the posture of the person is similar to that of a hooded cobra with raised head, neck and trunk.

How to perform bhujangasana
1. A person should lie down on his stomach and make sure that all the muscles are completely relaxed. The surface should be very flat. The forehead should be rested on the floor.
2. Legs should be joined, and the arms should be positioned below the shoulders corresponding sides. Then besides the chest, arms should be placed.
3. Then one must slowly inhale. While inhaling the upper body should be raised including the head and the chest to the maximum possible extent. The trunk should be raised very slowly without any jerks. It should be done in the similar way a cobra raises its hood.
4. Poorna bhujangasana is the attainment of full form of bhujangasana. Bent over knees, the legs should be raised and an attempt to touch the toes to the back of the head should be made.
5. By doing this, one can feel the vertebrae bending and the pressure travelling from the cervical to the sacral regions.
6. The chest and head should be in an upward position.
7. A person should exhale slowly while getting back to the original position.
8. This exercise can be repeated for five times.
9. Beginners can search for yoga videos on various sites online.

Benefits of Bhujangasana
1. Person can be relieved of muscular tensions
2. The endocrine system is stimulated
3. The spine becomes flexible and its strength is increased
4. The superficial muscles are toned up
5. The back pain is relieved.
6. The abdominal muscles are strengthened
7. The constipation is cured effectively
8. The abdominal viscera is toned up
9. Gives good appetite
10.The uterus and the ovaries of women can be toned up effectively
11. Bhujangasana yoga is a natural remedy for dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, leucorrhoea etc.

Bhujangasana yoga should not be done by:
1. Pregnant women as it is strictly not recommended
2. People who are suffering from hyperthyroidism, intestinal tuberculosis and hernia.
3. People who suffer from peptic ulcers.

For getting the accurate posture of bhujangasana yoga, it is highly recommendable to watch yoga videos.

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