Costa Rica Yoga Spa, Guanacaste

Costa Rica yoga surf retreats are designed to help balance the mind, the body and the spirit. This, in fact, is the principle that guides Costa Rica Yoga Spa, a breathtaking resort set within a private ranch in Nosara, Guanacaste, along Costa Rica’s Gold Coast. The spa offers stunning views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Ostional National Wildlife Park. Come at the right time of the year and you may just witness a mass of Olive Ridley sea turtles nesting at the beaches of Ostional. The beauty and drama of nature is definitely a part of Costa Rica yoga surf retreats.

Costa Rica Yoga Spa prides itself as a natural oasis of health and wellness, and Costa Rica yoga surf retreats play a major role in rejuvenating the body, stimulating the mind and strengthening the spirit. One of the attractions the spa offers is that you can build your own unique yoga vacation by mixing and matching from among its dozen or so offerings. The basic package includes lodging, three meals a day and transport to and from the venue for your activities. Atop this basic package you can add from a selection of outdoor activities such as a forest canopy tour via zip line, an assortment of nature hikes and walking tours, surfing and other water sports, a variety of lessons and yoga training, of course. You can completely customize your stay so that it is uniquely different from other Costa Rica yoga surf retreats.

For people who prefer to keep their Costa Rica yoga surf retreats simple, Costa Rica Yoga Spa also offers a wide variety of week-long retreats designed to match your needs and preferences. The Sun, Surf and Yoga retreat offers seven days of yoga combined with water sports and adventure tours, while the Yoga, Surf, Sun and Relaxation retreat adds relaxing massage sessions to help you escape from the stresses of work. Other themed retreats include a self discovery and empowerment journey called Opening the Heart, Yoga On and Off the Mat retreat, Yoga and Zumba fitness retreat and Fun and Fearless Freedom Yoga retreat, among many others. These Costa Rica yoga surf retreats will help you connect your body, mind and spirit and melt away any tension you may have brought over with you.

Surfing is, of course, an integral part of your Costa Rica yoga surf retreats. It is the perfect opportunity for you to put into practice the elements you have learned during your yoga training sessions. Yoga teaches balance and calmness, disciplines that are definitely useful when you get on a surfboard and try to wend your way through the waves of Playa Nosara, Guanacaste. With its crystal clear waters, stunning natural backdrops and consistent breaks, Guanacaste province is one of the best areas for surfing in the country, and the perfect setting for Costa Rica yoga surf retreats.

Costa Rica Yoga Spa happens to be situated not too far from this surfing paradise. The 40-foot yoga pavilion is built from native hardwoods and is positioned to provide a breathtaking view of sunset on the Pacific Ocean. The two jungle lodges offer comfortable accommodation for Costa Rica yoga surf retreats.

Bamboo Yoga Play, Dominical

A strange name such as Bamboo Yoga Play may make little sense in the beginning, but people discover its essence when they book their Costa Rica yoga surf retreats in this sanctuary for living artfully. Bamboo Yoga Play is an intimate bed and breakfast yoga studio in Dominical, Costa Rica. It sits close to the Baru river right in the middle of a lush rain forest at the base of the Talamanca mountain range, just a couple of minutes’ walk from the sea. The setting is ideal if you are looking to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, or if you are looking for opportunities for creative exploration and Costa Rica yoga surf retreats.

The centerpiece of Costa Rica yoga surf retreats is, of course, the yoga classes, and at Bamboo Yoga Play the style is a flowing, expressive technique called Bamboo Yoga. Developed by its founder Sofia Thom, Bamboo Yoga fuses inspirations from Anusara, Tantra and Hatha yoga with her own metaphor of the bamboo, inspiring flexibility, grace and strength. Sofia and her team of highly qualified and experienced facilitators blend yoga and dance to help people discover and express their inner selves.

The “play” part is no less important. It allows each person to creatively explore the inner self, delight in discoveries and express them through body movements. Bamboo Yoga Play differentiates itself from other Costa Rica yoga surf retreats by encouraging playfulness. Bamboo yoga does not emphasize the traditional poses; rather, it encourages students to express their inner voices in a free-flowing manner. Flying yoga is another experience that sets Bamboo yoga apart from the other Costa Rica yoga surf retreats. On a specially devised swing, students explore a number of acrobatic movements under the watchful guidance and with the support of their designated partners. But you don’t need to be an acrobat to enjoy this; all you need is an open mind, an open heart and the spirit of adventure. Flying yoga encourages playfulness and adventure while building trust and harmony.

Costa Rica yoga surf retreats would not be complete without the surfing. Just a few minutes away lies the majestic expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Like yoga, surfing requires a great deal of concentration, mind-body harmony and letting go. In a sense, surfing is the practical, real world application of the yoga techniques you learn, such as remaining calm in the face of turmoil happening all around you. Strong beach breaks and fairly big waves have made Dominical a destination for serious surfers who want to avoid the crowds in the other beaches. Bamboo Yoga Play has partnered with Costa Rica Surf Camp to provide surfing adventures.

Bamboo Yoga Play offers a number of features to make your stay there one of your most memorable Costa Rica yoga surf retreats. There are three rooms available to provide an intimate eco-lodging experience. A shared outdoor kitchen with complete amenities lets you prepare your meals, while a deck and community area let you socialize with other guests and offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains, rain forest and ocean. High speed Internet is available if you need to stay connected, and the well-stocked Bamboutique offers a wide selection of organic jewelry, fashionable apparel made from bamboo fiber, organic yoga gear and other souvenirs items.

Top 10 Costa Rica Yoga Retreats

Written By: Sagarika

Costa Rica offers a unique traveling experience along with a discovery of your inner self through yoga. Exotic and peaceful surroundings provide the perfect locale for meditation and exercises that helps to relieve the body and mind. Let me acquaint you with the best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats that spell luxury amidst nature in your quest to develop yoga for wellness.
1. Anamaya: The name is in Sanskrit and means ‘good health’.This exotic resort located on the edge of a cliff top affords panoramic views of the ocean below. This yoga resort is surrounded by rain forests resplendent with waterfalls. The resort offers several types of yoga classes with expert instructors along with excellent spa services. Accommodations set in tranquil and intimate settings make the experience calm and serene.
2. Luna Lodge: A stay at the secluded eco-lodge located in the pristine surroundings of Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica is a unique experience that includes birdwatching and rare wildlife along with therapeutic yoga. Trained instructors teach you the yoga asanas to be practiced everyday for total body and mind relief.
3. Bamboo Yoga Play: An oasis for those looking to getaway to a world of peace and quiet, this beautiful retreat is close to the pristine beach and just below the rain forest mountains. The yoga sessions invigorate the guests and inspire them to experience the creative life force within.
4. PachaMama: Among the best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats, the PachaMama offers a spiritual voyage of discovery of the inner being through yoga. This is community and is set in the lap of nature where people come form all over the world.

5. Panacea de la Montana: Located on hill top with scenic views of the ocean and beach below, this luxurious resort is perfect for all yoga lovers. With packages that are tailored to suit varying needs, their yoga classes are relaxing and informative. One can come across yogis who take residence here as guests and exchange views about yoga asanas.
6. Tango Mar Costa Rica Yoga Spa Hotel: Among the best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats, Tango Mar spells world class luxury. Their yoga sessions are exhilarating and innovative, often held in natural surroundings in the open. Their trained yoga specialists impart lessons in basic and advanced yoga.
7. Jobbies Surf Camp: This resort is also easily one of the best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats and combines yoga lessons with surfing. This may be just the diversity that one needs to appreciate life more. beautiful accommodations and well-trained instructors make the stay worthwhile.
8. Yoga Farm: Luxury amidst spectacular surroundings is what Yoga Farm gives you along with world class yoga lessons from experts. One can even enjoy delectable cuisine that is catered to fulfill the body and mind together with yoga sessions.
9. Pranamar: This beautiful resort with luxurious villas is easily among the best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats. Top quality yoga classes in tropical and exotic surroundings immerse you in nature’s rhythm to rejuvenate the mind and the body.

10. Pura Vida: This fun and healthy yoga retreat offers wellness Yoga that provides the perfect balance between the mind and the soul. This oasis of beauty is set in tranquil surroundings and give home like intimacy to guests.

The Best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats offer luxurious stay and yoga classes to satisfy the body and soul while de-stressing the tired traveler.

Yoga Map of Costa Rica

Check out the Yoga Map of Costa Rica at for your next luxury yoga retreat and spa vacation

written by: EAnderson

When it is time for you to plan your next vacation you should really consider a fantastic experience in Costa Rica. Check out the Yoga Map of Costa Rica at for your next luxury yoga retreat and spa vacation. You will be very glad you did!

Costa Rica has so much to do for everyone in your family. In fact, no mater what you like to do or not do, you can find something to arouse your interests. If you are the type who wants a laid back relaxing vacation with slow walks on the beach or around town Costa Rica has so much to see that you won’t see the same thing twice unless you just want to. If on the other hand you are a devout book worm and enjoy spending hours upon hours in the library you will find a great deal of historical facts to keep you entertained until dinner time. For the semi-adventurous there is sailing, hikes in the tropical forest or along the beach. There is rows upon rows of merchants ready to sell you a gift or two or perhaps a few souvenirs to take back to the States. The native people are always willing to lend a hand, take you on tours or just sit under a shade tree and watch nature unfold.
When visiting Costa Rica be sure to Check out the Yoga Map of Costa Rica at for your next luxury yoga retreat and spa vacation. More than any place else in the world, Costa Rica has an affordable get away vacation resort waiting to serve your every whim and need. From family oriented vacation resorts offering many child and family oriented activities to a quite romantic dinner for two; with child care at the resort available for a nominal charge.
The Samsati Nature Retreat on the Caribbean Sea offers Yoga classes as part of your vacation package. If you are serous about your Yoga or want to learn to teach Yoga then you might want to visit Nosara Yoga which is on the Pacific side. Nosara Yoga offers many different Yoga Certification courses that will enable you to return to the States and teach what you were taught.
No mater your reason for your interest in Yoga, you simply must check out the Yoga Map of Costa Rica at for your next luxury yoga retreat and spa vacation. Learn Yoga for the first time and discover what your body has been craving. Perhaps you will like it so much that you might want to investigate the possibility of becoming certified! On my recent trip to Costa Rica I took the instructor course Yoga for Children. I did this because I thought it would be beneficial to my fourteen grandchildren. Yoga is more than just physical exercise, it is a mind, body and soul art that teaches you to be in tune with all of your body, mind and soul. With proper instruction and practice you can control your blood pressure, blood sugar, diabetes, as well as numerous physical ailments. Why let your pain continue to control you, why not gain control without drugs, without steroid injections. Gain control of your whole being. With Yoga!

Top Ten Costa Rica Yoga Hotels

written by: kellywhite

If there is one place in the world where you can get to experience yoga in the best environment is Costa Rica. It is no secret that yoga is ardently practiced in Costa Rica. They are practically one and the same! I was craving a vacation so bad and I desperately needed a break from my daily routine of work and family. So together with a few friends we set out to explore this tropical land. Here are the top 10 Costa Rica yoga hotels. Well, we did not get to stay in all of them but they are worth giving a try.

Being a true yoga enthusiast, it had always been my dream to visit this beautiful land and experience the magic of it all. There is no denying that Costa Rica is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There is an array of fantastic beaches on either coast. The beaches range from dark sand to white sand; pebble beaches to rocky beaches and shores. It also boasts some of the best yoga hotels as I found out while planning for my getaway.

If you are planning a yoga retreat, it is important to find out if the hotel you will be staying at offers yoga. This will be convenient to you and you will also be able to take advantage of discounts and offers available to the hotel guests. The top 10 Costa Rica yoga hotel are as below.

Pura Vida spa and yoga retreat is aptly referred to as the Garden of Eden. It is 100% committed to wellness as its name suggests: ‘pure life’. It offers yoga facilities and world class yoga instructors. You are bound to leave feeling rested and rejuvenated. The second top yoga hotel in Costa Rica is the Tango Mar. It is a dream comes true for anyone who craves a beachfront vacation and you get to practice yoga overlooking the sea in utter serenity!

Anamaya yoga retreat center located in Montezuma is another must visit place for anyone who is crazy about yoga. The fact that it is located next to Montezuma falls, one of Costa Rica’s most popular waterfalls, is reason enough to check it out. You are also bound to enjoy all the adventures you set out on there such as jumping into the deep pool and admiring the rainforest.

Luna lodge is sure to get you all excited due to its excellent yoga retreat centers where the yoga classes are held. Fifth is the Pranamar ocean front where even beginners in yoga can get to learn and experience the benefits of yoga.

The Samasati is a one of a kind hotel overlooking the Caribbean that is perfect for yoga. It has very high standards of sustainable living. Horizon Ocean view hotel and yoga center is another excellent yoga hotel in Costa Rica. Its white sands of the amazing Santa Teresa beach will definitely entice you.

Hotel Amatierra will have you leave all your stress behind as you practice yoga in an open air pavilion that overlooks the mountains as exotic birds fly above you. The RipJack inn is also worth checking out as it does offer yoga too. Last, but not least is the Ylang Ylang beach resort that will offer you quite the yoga adventure.

The above are the top 10 Costa Rica yoga hotels. I got to experience some of them first hand and they are truly spectacular. So give them a try and have a fun filled yoga vacation!

Montezuma Yoga

By Angela Boltz

Aside from the decision to actually leave Montezuma at the close of the yoga retreat, the most difficult part of my week there was making it through an entire Savasana without drifting off into daydreams about the organic breakfast buffet served directly after our morning yoga session. Not bad living, one might say. I’d say…. not bad at all.

Montezuma, Costa Rica, located on the Nicoya Peninsula, is just one of those places. One of those MAGICAL finds that feels more like a sacred moment in space and time than an actual destination. Here, it seems, life supports you in kicking off the flip-flops, feeling the bare earth beneath your feet, and connecting with whatever natural rhythms move you.

In my humble opinion, this place was made for a yoga retreat.

If you’re looking for a resort, you’ve gotten off the bus at the wrong stop. Keep on going north and you’ll find one of those up in Tamarindo. Montezuma is a simple town, full of simple pleasures, just perfect for the modern or not-so-modern Bohemian. It’s not that Montezuma lacks style. The local culture exudes refined taste in just about everything…. from food, art, clothing, philosophy, and music. However, if you are expecting a steamy 20-minute shower before dinner or a good night sleep on a Sealy Posturpedic, you are sure to bedisappointed.

Montezuma Yoga, run by Dagmar Spremberg, is a true celebration of all that is natural. One morning of asana in the yoga pavilion is enough to shed the burdens of a lifetime. With a breath-taking view of the Pacific coast, the smell of Ylang-Ylang wafting past your nose, and the dueling sounds of waves and howler monkeys, the senses are encouraged to new heights while the mind discovers a brand new level of quietude.

Should you choose to spend your day at the retreat center, you’ll likely discover many flavors of relaxation. Private eco-friendly accommodations, including several rustic bungalows nestled inside a lush Mango Grove, are the perfect place to lie in hammock and do, well… whatever you wish. In my case, many intentions for private reflection turned, rather, into peaceful afternoon napping. In it’s true holistic spirit, Montezuma is Chock-Full O’ Bodyworkers whom you can often find spreading their energy around the retreat center. If your first daily yoga practice has left you craving healing hearts and hands, I recommend scheduling a massage session with Cordula, she is a truly gifted, local therapist whose presence I am grateful for having shared, and whose vibration is still coursing through my body.

In Montezuma, you can actually feel the thickness of prana in the air. In a gentle effort to soak it all in, you may find yourself wandering away from the comfort of the retreat center during afternoon downtime. If independent adventure isn’t your style, there are plenty of options for planned excursions, such as surfing, hiking, and horseback riding. For a uniquely special, soul-satisfying experience, try boating to Tortuga Island for a day of snorkeling. If you are not much of a joiner (or your budget is tight), private exploration of this coastal rainforest can occupy hours of the day. Montezuma boasts endless miles of pristine coastline and over twelve waterfalls alone. We’ve lost more than one yogi this way whom, after missing the evening yoga class, has coming running down the footpath to dinner with bright eyes and stories they can’t wait to tell. Trust me. It happens to even the most dedicated of students….and teachers

And speaking of dinner… if ever a meal has been a spiritual experience, this has been both the place and the time. Our pre-arranged dinners at Playa Los Artistas, a traditional Italian restaurant, were a blissful experience. Well-prepared, family-style portions of fresh fish and organic seasonal greens (coupled with a Caipirinha or two) were the perfect way to satisfy the belly and the soul before of a slumber indicative of a day well spent.

If you are like most of us traveling yogis and yoginis, you don’t need the glitz and glam of a high end yoga vacation. Many of these retreats, despite the hefty pricetag, offer little in the way of intimacy with attendees, at times, reaching into the hundreds. What we are seeking is true, honest-to-goodness, organic connection. And Montezuma Yoga is just the place. Ongoing retreats, with skilled yoga teachers from around the globe, vary in cost. However, Dagmar offers “yoga only” prices for those who’d like to find accommodations and meals elsewhere, ensuring that her retreats are affordable and that yoga remain the priority of her business. She also hosts private retreats, which can be arranged in accordance to the needs of each individual group.

Living My Dream

Dagmar Spremberg

I grew up in a small town in Germany and I remember already as a teenager I always dreamed of a life on the beach, in the sun and under palm trees. Of course, it seemed such a cliché and like a very far away dream, I never thought that it might actually happen one day … but like it is with our dreams and visions, somehow you keep them in the subconscious mind and they have their own energy and power……
In 1991 I traveled for the first time in a faraway tropical land, which corresponded to that dream: Costa Rica. I lived in a small seaside hotel in Montezuma, which belonged to a German woman and her family and I was very touched and inspired to see that there actually are people who live this dream … .. but of course I still didn’t think it could ever be me. So I went back to Hamburg with my husband, back to my life and career in the music industry, which was quite exciting and fulfilling, but deep inside me I still had that longing, I wanted something more from life….

On my 30th Birthday, I suddenly knew “now or never”. It was just a feeling in my gut but it was so strong, I knew I had to follow it …. So I left my life in Germany behind, quit my well paid job, left my husband and traveled with 2 suitcases into an unknown adventure to Los Angeles. There were at least my palm trees, the beach and the sun … I started a small agency for photographers, and organized photo productions. It did not take long before I first came into contact with yoga and found my wonderful yoga teacher Christi Minarovich. Initially skeptical, I listened to her stories and the yoga philosophies , to let things go, accept where you are, things will fall into place…….not really what I had learned in Germany, where I was more the type of person pushing forward rather than letting go and sitting and waiting what happens next… … but there was something that immediately touched me deeply and gave me hope, strength and confidence and so I soon started learning to let go more and more and to rather rely on my intuition.

I learned to breathe, to find the beauty in life, I started to soften and surrender, and suddenly more and more doors started opening for me … Yoga gave me a new view of life, new sense of purpose and the answers to many of my questions….After 3 ½ years in Los Angeles I moved to New York where I continued working for photographers and to deepen my yoga practice. Here I found Elena Brower and Anusara yoga and I loved it so much that I went 4-5 times a week to yoga.

And then I booked my trip to Costa Rica in 2000, that should change everything … I went back to the place where I had been so fascinated and touched in 1991: Montezuma. 9 years later it was still there, a small fishing village, sleepy and quiet, it had not changed much. And how it happens in life, I soon fell in love with the owner of the Hotel Los Mangos. On the property there was an open pavilion that was previously used as a restaurant, but had just been closed two months before my arrival. Open Air, with a wooden floor and overlooking the sea. … The perfect quiet place for yoga! I thought about bringing yoga teachers from the U.S. and organized and booked the first retreat with my teacher Elena Brower for November 2001. After September 11 happened, I packed my suitcases in NY and decided to jump fully into my new adventure in Costa Rica. And then it hit me: here I was, 20 years later, in my dream of life by the sea… everything seemed to fall into place easily for me, I just needed to say yes to open new doors … An incredible feeling of Bliss!
So when Elena came for her retreat she encouraged me to become a yoga teacher myself and so I started training as a yoga teacher in New York. For more than 10 years now I am living my dream and it is the yoga which always continues to encourage me to see the good, the opportunities, the possibilities in every moment. To trust and believe in my own power and intuition, and to breathe through difficult situations and challenges …

Yoga has taught me to be soft and to give space. Myself, and therefore also everybody else. I’ve learned from my own experience to first shift things for myself and then everything else will shift with you.
I have now found the relationship I always longed for, but it was not until I shifted myself that I was able to meet the man of my dreams.

It is the most beautiful gift for me to share my passion for yoga with other people in my classes and see how fast transformation can happen. How people are calmer, happier, more radiant with yoga. It is not important for me to bring your foot behind your head and to get into difficult asanas, but that you feel good about yourself , so that you will find clarity and peace and strength and learn to trust yourself.
I love to empower people to live their dream.

Dagmar Spremberg lives with the Swiss artist and musician Daniel Gautschi, in Montezuma. He plays the magical instrument called Hang in Dagmars yoga classes and they perform frequently in Costa Rica and Europe.
Together they will lead a Yoga & Hang Music retreat to Roatan, Honduras Jan 5-11, 2013.
Dagmar’s Yoga videos are available on her website as well as Daniel’s CD “The Gaudan Project – Hold Still”.

For more information please visit

Vida Asana Retreat Center, Playa Hermosa

There’s something mystical about Costa Rica yoga surf retreats at the Vida Asana Retreat Center in Playa Hermosa, Jaco, on the Central Pacific coast. Tucked away in a secluded patch of forest, the center nevertheless remains an accessible sanctuary for those who seek refuge from the madness of city living, and a haven for those in search of themselves. It’s no wonder guests who come to this Costa Rica resort for yoga and surf retreats feel as if their very souls are refreshed by the experience.

Yoga classes at Vida Asana are conducted by its founder and owner, Rosemarie Galluccio, an internationally recognized hollistic health practitioner with over 20 years experience. Rosemarie combines elements from ashtanga, bikram and anusara yoga to create smooth flowing retreats that relieve stress, calm the nerves and improve strength and balance. Yoga retreats in this Costa Rica surf resort are conducted in the open air studio, where the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves as the wind caresses the forest foliage contribute to a an amazing opportunity to bond with nature. There are five other in-house instructors at the center, and teachers from all over are also welcome to bring their yoga or surf retreats to this Costa Rica forest sanctuary.

Vida Asana is a place of transformation and slowing down. This Costa Rica yoga and surf center offers various retreats and classes in different styles of yoga, as well as Pilates and many other disciplines. Every element within Vida Asana is geared toward assisting this personal transformation. The restaurant serves up fresh and healthy vegetarian delights for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sushi nights are also a welcome treat for seafood lovers in this Costa Rica yoga and surf center. Retreats can be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding, so the fresh bounty from the sea is an excellent way to reward students. Costa Rica yoga surf retreats not just nourish the soul, but the body as well.

The beaches of Playa Hermosa and nearby Jaco are outstanding surf meccas that complement Costa Rica yoga retreats. Vida Asana is just minutes away from these surfside playgrounds and is very accessible to visitors staying at beachfront resorts in these areas. Playa Hermosa produces consistent waves all year round. The three-and-a-half mile beachfront opens up to swells from all directions. The area attracts many experienced surfers who take on the challenge offered by the excellent waves. The waves at Jaco are less challenging, and more suited to novice surfers. Surfing and yoga are perfect partners for yoga retreats here in Costa Rica.

Vida Asana promises unforgettable yoga and surf retreats in the heart of Costa Rica. This sanctuary of wellness, peace and transformation is less than two hours of travel coming from the airport in San Jose. If you are booked for a stay in one of the beach resorts on Jaco, a 10-minute taxi ride will take you to Vida Asana, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica during your yoga and surf retreats.