Breathable Yoga Sports Outfit

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By : Carla Ardian

Yoga has been a favorite exercise lately. With the so many benefits it offers increasing flexibility, massaging all body organs, performing complete detoxification and giving a peace of mind it is no wonder why more and more people turn into this meditating type of sport. It gives all the comfort we seek, and it is the comfort we should take into account when getting the best outfit to wear to Yoga.

Comfort Zone 1: Think light.
Sports outfits are normally designed light weight. This is to allow the wearer to move more flexibly and to let the material of the outfit absorb the perspiration more quickly. The best type of fabric that conducts that kind of action is light organic cotton and linen.

Comfort Zone 2: Choose loose but not too wobbly.
Yoga features movements in all different directions and makes the body stretch all the way. It is then wise to choose a product that is not too tight and that restricts you in any way. Getting upset for being throttled by your own clothes is not the main point why yoga was invented. But do not pick the ones that are too loose either since they can get in the way when you are performing the sport. However, when doing Bikram Yoga, for example, where upside-down poses are often conducted, make sure your top fits to your body frame or it could cause unnecessary embarrassment for you in your yoga class.

Comfort Zone 3: Breathe yoga with breathable top.
One sweats a lot when doing yoga even when they think they do not move that much. Like in other types of sport, perspiration needs to be dried quickly. For women, the moisture-wicking fabric alone is not enough as the padding in their bras or sports bras normally tend to give the wearers a sponge effect (sweat collecting in the bra cup). Therefore, it is crucial to check and ensure that the sports bra you are wearing has perforations on the pads. These perforated pads will allow the sweat to dry out more quickly and thus comfort could be guaranteed.

Comfort Zone 4: Style up.
The definition of comfort includes how comfortable we are with the outfit we wear. Choose a form of clothing that shows your identity. Define the color or style that suits best for you. Whether it is a compression style, halter top, or bra with molded cup, if you like it, buy it. If you dont, simply drop it.
Hopefully these tips can be a good start in getting the content feeling we are all seeking when practicing yoga.

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