Busy, Busy, Busy — Why You Need A Healing Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

Written By: Angelo Salazar

Costa Rica yoga retreats are perfect for business executives driven to succeed, entrepreneurs intent on making their vision happen and highly productive power workers. These people all operate at incredibly high levels of stress. For them, 24-hour days are a limitation, and the only speed they accept other than “fast” is “faster.” In his fourth book, “Cat’s Cradle,” the highly celebrated American author Kurt Vonnegut invented a religion called Bokononism. The Bokononists, in response to how complicated and unpredictable life is, would utter, “Busy busy busy.” That’s exactly how the things are for us these days; the complications of day-to-day living, the demands of business and the pressure of achieving success have created a world that is busy, busy, busy.

But being busy comes at a terrible cost. The stress that accompanies an overly busy lifestyle actually puts you in danger. Psychologists have clear documentary evidence that psychological stress not only adversely affects the mind, it actually contributes to damaging all the body’s biologocal processes. Studies show that stress severely affects the body’s immune system and prevents the body from healing itself. It hampers the body’s ability to fight infection and heal wounds. It increases the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and allergies.

The good news is that you can cope with stress, and the most effective way to deal with it is by learning how to relax. There are many approaches to relaxation, and among the most effective are Costa Rica yoga retreats. Yoga is a discipline that originated in India. Through a series of slow, deliberate and sometimes challenging poses coupled with controlled breathing and meditation, yoga aims to align the mind, the body and the spirit into a state of utter calm and serenity. The long term objective is for you to take back control of your life.

Legions of avid yoga practitioners will testify to the wealth of benefits they enjoy. The physical benefits include increased flexibility and strength, improved muscle tone, pain prevention and better breathing. Yoga also offers a number of mental benefits; among these are mental calmness, stress control and a keener awareness of your body, its capabilities and its limits.

It may seem odd that of all places, the ancient eastern practice yoga should find a natural home in a tropical paradise in the Western hemisphere more known for its beach resorts and surf vacations. But Costa Rica’s natural beauty — its postcard-perfect beaches, lush tropical rainforests, spectacular waterfalls and impressive mountain ranges — coupled with a laid-back culture and easy-going lifestyle all work together to make the perfect setting for yoga retreats.

When the stress builds up and you find yourself stretched to the breaking point by your busy, busy, busy lifestyle, a trip to Costa Rica for a relaxing yoga retreat at one of their renowned resorts and hotel spas is definitely in order. Check out the yoga retreat packages at the Samasati Nature Retreat nestled within the rainforest along Costa Rica’s Carribean coast. Or reconnect with nature at the Yoga Farm on the southernmost Pacific coast. Other excellent venues for Costa Rica yoga retreats include Luna Lodge, the Costa Rica Surf Camp for Women, and Pachamama.

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