Can Yoga and Running be Done?

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The answer is a definite yes!!! Yoga is a great supplement to any running regime. Running creates a lot of impact on the body, which can lead to injury, tense muscles, etc. Yoga works to prevent the “side effects” of running. However, if you are training for a marathon or have a running regime, it may be hard to fit a yoga routine in with your workouts. Here are my suggestions for how you go about doing this:

-First, find a yoga style that best meets your needs as a runner. For example, hatha yoga is gentle and employs a lot of stretches. Ashtanga yoga also improves flexibility but also builds muscle strength and endurance. Other good styles to check out would be bikram and kundalini.

-Second, find a yoga routine or program within your chosen style that is flexible time wise. (30 minutes or less)

-Third, research the programs to make sure that they will provide comprehensive instruction, a comfortable pace, and won’t be too advanced.

-Fourth, make sure that your teacher(or whoever is doing the program, dvd, etc.) is an experienced yoga teacher, and that he/she has experience working with athletes.

Yoga is a great supplement to any running regime. It is very beneficial to add even a short yoga routine to your running regime. I would recommend a program called Runner’s Yoga as it is designed with the runner in mind. Check it out now, and see if it’s for you! It will greatly benefit your running.

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