Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Many people who enter into the practice of yoga do so with one question in mind: “Will yoga exercises help me to lose weight?” The answer to this question is yes, providing you combine yoga exercises or strength training exercises, which is basically what yoga is, with aerobic or fat burning exercises. However, most people who blindly ask this question soon discover that yoga is about much more than this. Yoga is actually a spiritual course that will get your mind and brain focused and that will be more life changing than you ever imagined possible.

One of the first things yoga will teach you is to love and accept your body, flaws and all. If you are overweight, it will show you first how to accept this about your body and then how to change it. This acceptance is why yoga is considered one of the most powerful weight loss tools in the world. Because yoga doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself but instead teaches you to love your body and work to change your faults, you will, by constant practice, enjoy yoga in a very spiritual and uplifting nature. The weight loss experienced will be a mere byproduct of a changed lifestyle.

If you are using yoga just for weight loss, be sure to incorporate fat burning exercise routines into your regimen. This can include walking, running, or just doing an exercise DVD in your spare time. For best results, do these types of exercises at least two days out of the week. You will quickly find that the exercises you do in yoga will help to build your strength and stamina and allow you to work out with a positive attitude for longer periods of time. Even if you don’t realize or recognize it, this is the spiritual effect that yoga has on your life.

When you think of the word “spiritual”, do realize that this does not have to mean religious. In fact, you can substitute the word spiritual for “holistic,” meaning that the exercise or practice attacks or treats the entire body as a full unit. Instead of just working on your thighs or buttocks, yoga allows you to work on your whole body as one. While toning your trouble areas, you can also tone your mind and spiritual awareness, allowing you to feel better about yourself and your body emotionally while letting you feel (rightfully so) better about yourself emotionally. The practice of yoga is a long road to travel down and it is not for everybody, but everybody should give it at least one fair shot.

Do be aware that no one will ever push yoga on you spiritually. There are many people who practice yoga merely as an exercise and not as a holistic experience. The choice of which way to embark upon it is left entirely up to you. For best results, try this exercise with an open mind and then take what works for you and what does not and meld it into a successful work out, stress relief, and possibly even spiritual plan as needed.

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