Can Yoga Improve the Quality of your Sleep?

One in three spend hours tossing and turning when they are supposed to be sleeping. Are you one of them? The numbers are increasing of how many people experience some type of insomnia or sleep challenge at some point in their lives. And whether it is an accute or chronic disturbance, both yoga and yoga can help still the mind and the nervous system in preparation for natural sleep.

Only 10 easy minutes of yoga or yoga can really assist in this process of emptying the mind of the stresses of the day and the mind chatter that often riddles you at night. Most everyone knows even a little about yoga, but frequently, less is understood about qigong. Here’s a quick primer.

Yoga is a series of ancient Chinese exercises that use breathing and visualization to improve all areas of our mental, physical and spiritual health including our sleep. It is a wonderful stress reducer. These days it is widely accepted that Chinese medicine has much to offer that our traditional western medicine does not. Many physicians in the west are now recommending Yoga to their patients, as a complementary adjunct to traditional western treatment.

Yoga allows the body to repair itself by putting the body’s yin and yang energy into balance. It is gentle and relaxing and very simple to learn and practice. Even consistently practicing for ten minutes a day provides benefits, as you will find yourself feeling more peaceful and relaxed.

There are several ways Yoga can help you sleep soundly and more peacefully. It’s an excellent “stress reducer”. And it is so easy to learn and simple to practice, it is quite easy to set aside a few minutes prior to bed time to perform this relaxing routine.

Stress reduction is a spontaneous benefit of practicing Yoga and in furthermore there are other benefits. Yoga may be practiced standing, sitting, lying down or walking, therefore, for those of you that have trouble sleeping due to chronic pain, even back pain, Yoga can help here as well. Perhaps stress, anxiety or depression presents reasons for your sleeplessness. If so, Yoga can help. It will balance the body’s energy system and gently aid the self-healing of virtually any complaint.

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