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Yoga is a powerful exercise, which some misconstrued beliefs handed down through the years led many to believe that yoga was a misgiving spiritual action. The fact is religion stands behind yoga, yet yoga is designed to teach us how to gain control over the mind and body. In addition, yoga teaches us discipline. Yogic methods (Yogic is the practice of yoga) teaches us to become aware, conscious, and gain control of our life.

In view of the fact, yoga is one of the most powerful exercises that have characters to deliver us from the chaos of emotional response, such as denial, self-absorbance, doubt, fear, etc. If yogic methods will help us to achieve sound mind, how in the name of its power can it be wrong?

It can’t be, therefore we will learn some yogic methods to help you see for your self how yoga has helped millions of people worldwide. In fact, doctors are recommended yoga to patients around the world. Yoga is Hinduism, Buddhist, Indian, Tibetan practice, yet many Occidental nations are practicing yoga today. In addition, modern yogic methods are currently developed.

Yogic methods include Hatha, Jiiana, Raja, Lotus, Kundalini, Laya, Mantra, Yantra, etc, and all methods include healing strategies. The first Hatha helps one to master breathing, as well as gain power over his/her vitality and physical body.

During practice Yogini (Female exerciser) or Yogi (Male), proceed to work toward the next steps in yogic practice. The goal is to achieve the highest power possible, as well as come in connection with the spiritual side. Few yogic methods require prayer, which starts the steps toward healing.

The Practices of Hatha

Hatha is the process of gaining discipline over the body. Like each branch of yogic strategy, Yogini and Yogi seek control. Hatha (haht-ha) aids to discipline the body, yet the method does not focus on emotions, or mind. Consequently, once Yogi or Yogini completes Hatha, they must move toward the next yogic method.

According to yogin philosophers, until one masters the body, thus purifying the body and prepare the body for mind control, thus one cannot achieve. Once Hatha is mastered, Yogi and Yogini can move to master meditation, concentration, ecstasy, etc.

Yoga has a mission and that is to teach everyone that the body is the Temple of God. The temple must be taken care of so that one can enjoy good health, longevity, and reach his/her heighten level of enlightenment.

At the point of Hatha, one must move to balance posture. The purpose is to achieve graceful power over vitality and the physical body.

The goal is to ground the body. Once the body is grounded, Yogini and Yogi will find firmness, and have a center that provides flexibility. Once Yogi and Yogini gain control over the body, thus they will know what they hope to gain in life, as well as know their identity. Yoga will move them to empowerment, which helps Yogini and Yogi to achieve their missions in life.

To start grounding the body one must learn to synchronize the leg and arm movement by sensing balance. Once Yogi and Yogini have a sense of balance they gain self-assurance.

Inner ears
The inner ear is the critical organ of hearing, as well as equilibrium. The inner ear is located at the temporal bone. The bone supplies nerves to the bodily organs, which stimulate organs, muscles, etc, and works alongside the auditory nerves. These nerves include the semicircular canals, cochlea, and the vestibule.

It is important that you understand the inner ear plays a vital part in balance. The prime reason that people feel discomfort in relationships, social gatherings, etc, is due to the imbalances. We all need balance, and that balance must be obtained in all areas of ones life.

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