Choose Costa Rica For Yoga Practice

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Educational vacations are a great experience because it gives a person a chance to learn new skills, like a language or a meditative practice. Costa Rica yoga is a unique way to practice. La Escuela Del Sol, steps away from the ocean on one side and only a short distance from three waterfalls on the other, is a great place to study because a person can combine classes in Spanish with classes in Yoga.

The school offers college credit for their Spanish language program. The opportunities for study don’t end there, however. There are also classes in Poi (fire dancing) and surfing. Ever wanted to get a Scuba Certification? The school offers that option as well. Each student chooses whether to stay at the school one week or four. If going to La Escuela Del Sol in Costa Rica Yoga classes, the type taught there is Hatha Vinyasa. Hatha yoga is generally slow, paced and gentle. It will be likely to cover the basic poses. Vinyasa indicates that movement is in harmony with breath. It tends to be a relatively vigorous style of yoga. It is based on yoga poses called sun salutations. You can choose to either combine Costa Rica Yoga study with Spanish classes or just head there for yoga practice. The school has a yoga only option. They do not allow people to enter the classes who are not students at La Escuela Del Sol. While participating in Costa Rica Yoga or studying anything else, take the chance to explore your surroundings. Montezuma is one of the adventure capitals of Costa Rica. When not in one of the Costa Rica yoga classes, a person can live on the edge, touring by ATV or zip-lining. Some excursions for those not quite as adventurous are a hike to Montezuma Falls and a Giant Turtle Egg Laying tour. Both those activities are included for all students. The egg laying tour is only available July through October. Some activities are only for those who are staying two weeks or more. There is a choice between zip-lining in the forest canopy or taking a horseback ride on the beach to El Chorro waterfalls. The horseback ride is only available on the weekends. Students can also choose optional excursions, which will cost extra.

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