Costa Rica’s lifestyle beats holiday stress

MakeoverBy Richard Barone

Costa Rica is famous for promoting health and a stress free lifestyle. Its not “mañana”, its “when God says, tranquilo, Pura Vida”. There are many other remedies used here.

These tips can keep you a little more chilled.

Enjoy the Outdoors

The beaches, mountains, valleys and numerous other natural environments reduce stress and free radicals that cause aging better than any other single remedy, take full advantage of them.

Use Adaptogen Herbs

Adaptogen Herbs help us adapt better to our stressors.

Valerian Root calm an over active mind

Kava Kava calming euphoric, good for anxiety

Gotu Kola if anger is creating distress

Guggulu rejuvenates the body

Chamomile in teas

Stretching and breathing to de-stress

Do Shavasana (Corpse Pose) for Physical and Mental Relaxation

Say “So Hum” when you breathe. Inhale deeply and say “soooooo,” then slowly exhale with “hummmm.” Pull your stomach in tight.

Change your body’s automatic response to stress, slow the heart rate, bring oxygen to the brain and muscles, ease tension, convince the body the stress is gone, whether it is or isn’t

Massage, Massage, Massage

Massage your temples, your neck and upper back for a couple of minutes, relax the jaw and roll the muscles, reduce the sensation of tension.

Under stress blood flow to our extremities is reduced. Hot water restores circulation, relaxing you. Put warm washcloths on your feet, hands, and forehead, it feels great! Cold water is a no-no for the opposite reason, driving blood away from the extremities resulting in tension. For an office remedy run hot water over your hands until you feel relaxed.

Warm mustard oil massage is possibly the closest you can come to healing any injury, no matter how old.

Mind and music tricks

“In most cases it’s not what’s out there that’s the problem, it’s how you react to it,” says Dr. Paul J. Rosch.

To help yourself loosen up, recite the following, suggested by Dr. Miller.

• “There’s no place I have to go at this moment in time.”

• “There’s no problem I have to solve at this moment in time.”

• “There’s nothing that I have to do at this moment in time.”

• “The most important thing that I can experience at this moment in time is relaxation.

Think these thoughts consciously to change the mindset that’s producing the stress.

Act calm, be calm.

Use Mantras, positive affirmations, visualization techniques, meditation, and even a mini vacation to the Spa for overcoming stress. Vegetarian food is also good .Drink plenty of pure water, and energize it if possible with sacred geometry symbols, magnets and prayers for peace and vigor. Maintain a healthy work-play balance, be optimistic, be in the present, socialize, and enjoy being with friends and family, it relieves stress.

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