Costa Rica for the Yoga Lover

Source : Buzzle

By : Aaron Wilmont

I am a yoga lover and nature worshiper. And there is no better vacation destination for such a person than Costa Rica. Okay, to begin with, this is a laid-back place, friendly, relaxed people. And it is a place concentrated in natural wonders and beauty. There are miles and miles of beautiful and pristine beaches. Think Salutation to The sun. Stroll the beaches and stretch those legs, enjoy the fun and surf!

Here, one may commune with the animals. How about performing the crocodile on a beach trip in the morning and seeing the real thing in the afternoon? Bend at the waist into monkey pose, and watch one skitter through the trees over a glass of Chardonnay (you not the monkey, although some monkey’s are known to have a taste for alcohol) in the afternoon!

Where does the surf and yoga-lover beg their vacation in Costa Rica? Most likely in San Jose, the largest city and center of Costa Rican culture. San Jose sits at an altitude of 3,750 feet above sea level. It has a population of 300,000 and sits among cities like Heredia, Alajuela, Cartago, and Escazu. Enjoy mysterious and intoxicating mountain views from just about anywhere. The cities in their various elevations offer a mild respite from the humid beaches situated on the Atlantic on the east side, or the fresher but still plenty warm climate of the beaches on the Pacific.

Just be aware that even though there is very little violent crime here, sticky fingers will filch anything left vulnerable – in other words – watch out for the thieves! In addition to being an ideal yoga retreat, the country is an excellent choice for surfing as well. Should you desire a Costa Rica surf vacation there are surf schools and camps there to go along with the yoga retreat facilities. it is a wonderful place to learn to surf because of the sandy bottom beaches.

Rent a car, preferable a four-wheel drive, and select a direction to strike out. I recommend the Pacific Coast. Remember that this western side is wet in the summer and dry in the winter. With surf, yoga and diverse wildlife, this country is certainly a top vacation destination .

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