Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreat

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Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreat – Take a Load Off

Are you a yoga enthusiast? Do you enjoy the calming serenity of the beach at sunset? Have you ever tried surfing or want to give it a try? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you need to look into Costa Rica yoga retreat women’s surf vacation packages! Costa Rica is one of the best tropical locations for travel yoga retreat opportunities. A typical day on a Costa Rica surf and yoga retreat begins with a morning yoga class. Once your relaxing session is over, enjoy a breakfast in the tropics and then off you go to learn to surf!

After gleaning exciting new knowledge that will help you learn to surf, you can take a break from your active morning and return to the resort for a relaxing lunch. What would you like to do with your afternoon on your Costa Rica surf vacation? The options are many, including relaxing by the resort pool, visiting a beach in Nosara or Tamarindo to work on your tan, getting a massage, or going shopping in one of the surfer towns of Costa Rica. Relax or stay active, the choice is yours.

Come late afternoon, the best time of the day has arrived! Remember how much you love the beach at sunset? Imagine having the opportunity to learn to surf by the light of the setting sun. A retreat women’s surf vacation is your chance to experience you dream! The best part is, Costa Rica is known for the finest sunsets in the world, and you get to enjoy it right on the water. A few days into your vacation you will have made several new friends taking surfing classes with you. You will be able to appreciate the sunset even more with great new friends by your side.

In the evening, select from a number of fine restaurants located in Nosara or Tamarindo, whichever city you have been enjoying travel yoga treatment and surfing lessons. Many are a short walking distance from your resort, making it easy to travel to and from your evening activities. This is a preview of the typical day you will experience on a Costa Rica surf vacation that also includes a yoga retreat portion. There are many Costa Rica surf and yoga retreat companies that give you several package options for your visit to the beautiful country. For a look at quality service and great prices you can appreciate, visit today.

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