Costa Rica Yoga And Surfing – The Ultimate Costa Rica Adventure Vacation!

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By: James Richard

Are you yearning for a Costa Rica yoga adventure? Would you like to visit the tropical paradise of for a Costa Rica yoga and surf vacation? Or, visit the pristine rain forest of Costa Rica to study Spanish? Better yet, how would you like to a Costa Rica yoga vacation and to surf, scuba dive, fire dance in a unique, all-inclusive resort? You can, at the La Escuela Del Sol! Nestled between the beautiful Montezuma River with it’s famous waterfalls and the tropical rain forest, La Escuela Del Sol is an adventure vacation for adults, in Costa Rica, where they learn surfing, scuba diving, yoga, fire dance(Poi), or to speak Spanish in an exotic location. Across the street from the ocean, it’s a breathtaking setting to learn a new skill with excellent instructors. But, the fun doesn’t stop there. Whether you’re in Costa Rica to surf, take yoga or Spanish, your trip isn’t complete without exploring your surroundings.

Ready for a Costa Rica yoga adventure? La Escuela Del Sol is a 10 minute walk from the town of Montezuma, a lively Costa Rica surf and fishing village full of colorful residents and artists who line the streets selling a vast array of art, jewelry, and hand crafted souvenirs. As you explore the many shops and restaurants, you will encounter many of the locals playing spontaneous jam sessions with drums, flutes and guitars. As interesting as the town is, the adventure of Montezuma really begins on the outskirts and beyond. To the north and south are wildlife refuges, featuring hundreds of species of colorful birds and unusual wildlife. This region is also famous for it’s waterfalls. If you hike up any of the several rivers in the area, you will encounter spectacular falls. At the famous Three Montezuma Falls, you can swim, cliff dive, and swing on a rope over the water. If that isn’t enough, there are zip lines, snorkeling, kayaking and more.

Whether you go with a loved one or alone, the combination of the beautiful, lush rainforest of Costa Rica with learning to surf, scuba dive, Spanish, fire dance or yoga is a vacation of a lifetime! Costa Rica …surf, yoga, scuba dive in paradise! The Costa Rica yoga adventure you’ll never forget!

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