Costa Rica Yoga retreat and Surf Camp

Written By: Kellywhite

The ultimate Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Adventure

Costa Rica: the land of milk and honey! Well, at least to me that is how I saw it. For anyone who loves adventure, you just have got to experience it. It is said that Costa Rica and Yoga are synonymous. That is absolutely true. And what better way to relax and take a break from all the crazy day in day out stuff that we all have to deal with. From experience, I can positively say that all a person needs is a Costa Rica Yoga retreat and Surf camp.

Life sometimes can tend to get monotonous. The same cycle repeated every day can take away our enthusiasm in life and we appear just like a flat tire. I was feeling something like that and so I decided it was time to take a break from work and family just to find some excitement in life once again. I figured a little vacation can do no harm and so with a few friends, we planned a Costa Rica Yoga retreat and Surf camp.

The research I did on the internet about our destination did not do enough justice to Costa Rica. It is Spectacular! Nothing could have prepared me for it for it is truly paradise. We were on a seven day surf and yoga adventure. Our days and nights were filled with laughter and magic!

We had a beachfront luxury resort. I love the ocean and it meant so much to me to be near the water. The ocean is really relaxing. You can stare into it for a long time as you think about life or just reflecting. I went to the daily yoga sessions which were held outdoors at a yoga studio with an ocean front. Pure bliss!

In the morning hours we explored Costa Rica and I bought souvenirs to take to my family back home. The afternoons were spent surfing on the beautiful blue ocean. The professional surf instructors were very patient and caring. It was a sight to behold as I watched the sunset from my surfboard.

The most exciting part of the surf camp was the trips to different secret surf spots. There was also a diverse selection of surf breaks and they had superior surf equipment such as fiberglass surfboards. We were also provided with snacks and water together with other beach essential items during the surf sessions. I could not help but feel like royalty!

What I looked forward to the most were the spa sessions. A girl needs to be pampered you know? I was totally lost in a world unknown. I felt complete; whole. I could identify with myself once more and I was in such a great peaceful state. I was ready to take on the world.

The Costa Rica Yoga retreat and surf camp was one experience I will live to remember and I would never hesitate to go back. Leaving this tropical land and going back home was sad but I was ready to go on and be a better wife, mom and just be the very best that I could be and I owe it all to the ultimate Costa Rica surf and Yoga adventure!

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