Costa Rica Yoga Spa Serves Up An Endless Variety Of Activities In Nosara

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By: DrKohana

Costa Rica Yoga Spa is proud to announce the opening of their facility in Nosara, Costa Rica. Deemed one of the happiest places on the planet by several, highly-respected studies, Costa Rica was the obvious choice when wanting to create an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and detoxification balanced with physical activity and personal enrichment.

Looking for the perfect setting to enjoy some of the world’s best hiking? How about taking a horseback ride through the Costa Rican countryside? Or, perhaps, you wish to commune with nature in another way by taking in a day of bird-watching or living it up with a surf lesson. No matter what your interests, Costa Rica Yoga Spa was created specifically to provide endless recreational opportunities in addition to all of their other offerings, such as customized retreats and teacher trainings.

Costa Rica Yoga Spa has made it a priority to deliver a vacation experience like no other. Not only do they specialize in yoga, surf, and wellness, but they also provide the opportunity to enjoy beautiful and breathtaking Nosara with their wide variety of engaging activities.

While some spas focus only on one niche, Costa Rica Yoga Spa prides itself on offering activities that cater to all of your passions and senses. Being able to have a fun-filled day of surfing, kayaking, or hiking and then settling in to the gorgeous afternoon sun with one of their relaxing yoga or wellness options, Costa Rica Yoga Spa is dedicated to providing the full Nosara experience.

The staff at Costa Rica Yoga Spa knows the magic of Nosara and is excited to share all of its treasures. With its warm weather, pristine beaches, and lush landscapes, it is easy to see why Costa Rica Yoga Spa has chosen to call Nosara home.

Beyond the pleasure that the location itself provides, Costa Rica Yoga Spa has created an extensive menu of activities to even further immerse yourself in the land and culture of Nosara. There are chartered fishing excursions for the anglers, waterfall treks to enjoy the natural pools, and kayaking that allows you to adventure down the rivers of Costa Rica while basking in the hot sun.

If you are looking for something even more diverse, Costa Rica Yoga Spa has you covered. How about a quad-runner tour that allows you to discover Costa Rica in a whole different way? Or else, maybe you would prefer one of their canopy tours? These give you the opportunity to see Costa Rica in a way you could only imagine. From the longest zip line in the world, you will truly get a bird’s-eye view that will leave you speechless.

Providing physically rigorous activities and balancing them with relaxing and personally enriching ones, all in a lush setting, Costa Rica Yoga Spa has created a top of the line vacation experience that is well suited for any type of traveler.

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