Costa Rica Yoga Spa Vacation Retreats

Written By: Bret Dudl

Costa Rica yoga spa vacation retreats now join lush rainforests, crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, nature hikes and the mighty arenal volcano as compelling reasons to come and visit this tropical paradise in Central America. Costa Rica sits between Nicaragua to the north and Panama lying south on a hooked-shaped isthmus that links Central America to the vast South American continent.

The country has no army of its own and its citizens enjoy one of the highest life expectancy rates in the entire Western Hemisphere. Yoga has found a perfect match in the laid-back culture amid the rich natural setting of Costa Rica. Yoga spa vacation retreats thrive in this vibrant east-meets-west mix that offers boundless opportunities for an industry founded on promoting spirituality, wellness and health. Following are some popular Costa Rica yoga spa vacation retreats.

Panacea de la Montana sits atop rolling hills just minutes away from the beautiful, breathtaking beaches on the northern coast. The resort offers both adventure and relaxation packages for guests to experience “pura vida” — the pure life! The resort’s location — right in the mountains beside a lush tropical forest with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean — is the perfect setting for yoga retreats are available regardless of your experience level. The resort also regularly invites expert chefs, yogis and life coaches to share their knowledge and wisdom with the guests.

Tango Mar offers luxurious accommodation and all the amenities of a world class resort spa that’s as close to paradise as you can get. The postcard-perfect beaches of the northwest coast facing the Pacific Ocean will make you understand how Costa Rica — “the rich coast” — got its name. The spa treatments will pamper your body while yoga sessions will strenghten your spirit and revitalize your health.

Anamaya Resort sits on a cliff edge, providing yet another spectacular view of the Pacific. It’s a stone’s throw away from the surrounding forest and its marvelous waterfalls. Reflecting its emphasis on yoga, the name “anamaya” is a Sanskrit term that means “good health.” Good health is what Anamaya wishes its guests to experience during their stay in this exotic resort. Yoga retreats are continuously offered and the schedule is quite active. The resort also offers month-long yoga instructor training and teacher certification training. Shows featuring fire eaters and belly dancers, among others, provide a unique form of night-time fun and entertainment.

Ama Tierra Hotel lies in the mountains an hour away from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. Yoga spa vacation retreats are offered here with daily classes in the gentle approach of Hatha yoga held in the open air studio. They offer special group rates so you can bring the whole gang down to have a quieting down session through Hatha yoga. The hotel is also a very good base from which you can launch day tours to attractions around the country.

There are different types of Costa Rica yoga spa vacation retreats, and one of the unique ones is offered by Jobbies Costa Rica Surf Camp in Mal Pais. As you can expect, the focus is on longboard surfing, but they also offer yoga classes by world class instructors. Other Costa Rica yoga spa vacation retreats you can consider are the Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat in Santa Teresa, the Samasati Nature Retreat and the Yoga Farm on Costa Rica’s southernmost Pacific coast.

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