Costa Rica Yoga Vacations — Exploring And Understanding “Pura Vida”

Written By: Angelo Salazar

Costa Rica yoga vacations are more than mere breaks from the tensions, stresses and anxieties of the daily grind. To get the most of your Costa Rica yoga vacations you need to understand and adopt the Costa Rican philosophy of “pura vida.” The closest equivalent of the term in Spanish is “vida pura,” or “pure life.” Pura vida is an adaptation and extension of the concept to fit the culture and temperament of the Costa Ricans. Pura vida, then, more closely refers to living life to the fullest. The phrase is even used as a greeting, or to say farewell, express satisfaction or communicate indifference toward something just said.

Pura vida is the perfect mindset for Costa Rica yoga vacations. Yoga is an old eastern philosophy that seeks to unify the individual’s mind, body and spirit. On a higher level, the calmness that yoga creates within the individual enhances harmony with others. And on a higher plane still, this harmony extends toward the world around us. Costa Rica yoga vacations are incredible opportunities to harmonize eastern and western wisdom into a single, unified expression of oneness with ourselves and with the universe. No other experience quite compares to Costa Rica yoga vacations.

Your Costa Rica yoga vacations start with selecting the right venue. There are dozens of resorts and spas in Costa Rica offering yoga vacations. All of these are located in mainly secluded areas — usually sitting within a portion of rainforest — to provide privacy and a serene environment. Most are within minutes of the sea, if not sitting right at the shoreline. The centerpiece of Costa Rica yoga vacations are the yoga classes and sessions, of course. These sessions are facilitated by certified instructors.

Another important factor you need to consider when on Costa Rica yoga vacations is the variety of activities offered by the resort. While yoga will be the most important part of your stay, sessions do not take up the entire day. Unless you plan to spend your Costa Rica yoga vacations in quiet contemplation, you will end up restless if you have no activities to engage in between sessions. The excellent resorts will offer nature walks and visits to nearby attractions. If the resort is close to a town, they should be able to organize tours and souvenir shopping runs to make your Costa Rica yoga vacations interesting and memorable. Some resorts offer in-house entertainment — cultural shows, magic acts and even acrobatics — that you and your entire family can enjoy.

You should also check with the resort to see if they provide amenities such as spa treatments and other ways to pamper yourself on Costa Rica yoga vacations. And since most of these resorts will be by the sea, or reasonably close to it, swimming and sunbathing ought to be on your agenda. Some resorts offer Costa Rica yoga vacations in combination with surfing and other water sports. Again, you will want to check with the resort in advance to see what water activities are available to you on your Costa Rica yoga vacations.

However and wherever you wish to spend them, Costa Rica yoga vacations will surely help you appreciate Costa Rican pura vida.

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