Costa Rican Yoga Vacations

Lucero Surf RetreatsTo rest, relax and enjoy are the three main objectives of a vacation. These desires are well fulfilled by going on a Costa Rican yoga vacation. A yoga holiday is not just a trip away from home. One also experiences the practice of yoga in the peaceful and cool natural environment of the rainforest. Practicing yoga together with deep breathing the fresh ocean air and enjoying the soothing sounds of the rainforest can make you feel as if you have found your true identity.
Whatever your interest is, whether it be raw foods, fasting, yoga, or re-balancing, you will find a program that suits you at any one of many Costa Rican retreats. Enjoy and experience healing therapies from all over the world, a soothing inspirational environment, and group and individual activities at Costa Rica’s wellness and health retreats. Try to spare some time, at least once, and spend some valuable moments on a Costa Rica wellness retreat vacation, which will surely boost your energy level along with a healthy lifestyle.
Just imagine: with a shoreline of around eight hundred miles, a Costa Rica yoga experience on the beach could be an all-time memorable trip of your lifetime. Triumph over your fears and enjoy adventurous activities like white water rafting, snorkeling, horseback riding, canopy tours, zip-lining, mountain biking, and even bungee jumping. Many world-renowned yoga instructors, health professionals and therapists conduct workshops at various retreats of Costa Rica all through the year.
In a Costa Rica yoga journey, the jungle trip offers ample opportunities for bird watching and hiking, as well as access to golf courses and day spas. Take time after a yoga session to take a dip in one of Costa Rica’s natural waterfalls. Finally, before ending your day of yoga and adventure, have a leisurely walk on the beach at sunset.
Some of the most popular yoga centers and retreats of Costa Rica are:

Ama Tierra Retreat & Wellness Center: A lot of interesting forms of yoga are available these days, but one of the oldest forms of yoga taught at Ama Tierra is considered among the best and the most successful forms of yoga.

Horizon - Ocean View Village & Yoga Center

Horizon – Ocean View Village & Yoga Center: Horizon is located in Ocean View Village at the border of the vast Pacific Ocean. You can feel and smell the presence of the ocean throughout the day and night. It is known for its fabulous yoga classes together with its natural beauty and comforts, such as well-equipped kitchen, air-conditioning, orthopedic health mats, hot water showers and so on.

Horizon - Ocean View Village & Yoga Center-1

Lucero Surf Retreats: At times referred to as a tropical paradise of Costa Rica, this retreat is located at the Pacific Coast. The calm and pleasant atmosphere with a lot of wildlife and natural beauty surrounds the retreat. The early morning here inspires you to wake up for morning yoga. The fresh organic food will make you feel healthy and energetic. The nice wooden floor of the restaurant turns into a yoga platform in the morning.

Pura Vida Adventures: Along with fun, entertainment and comforts, this retreat offers you to practice yoga forms in a private beachfront studio. It also provides a week of surfing in paradise. The surf retreat includes wonderful beach-faced accommodation, daily surfing and yoga classes, three meals per day, salsa dancing, and an hour of massage. You can enjoy a complete Costa Rican pura vida experience here.

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