Dandayamana Dhanurasana Yoga Asana Benefits

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Dandayamana Dhanurasana is also known as Standing Bow Pulling Pose. It tries to inculcate a sense of balance in you. As it develops your balance it also brings out your level for patience. Concentration increases and so does your persistence. This asana is highly recommended for clearing cardiovascular problems. When your cardiovascular system functions better, many of your heart related problems are cleared. The blood vessels are stimulated causing fresh supply of blood to each and every organ of your body. This helps them to function in a better manner. The presence of plaque in arterial walls is very dangerous and can cause deadly diseases. This plaque is removed from the walls by performing this asana regularly.

With the bending and stretching, this yoga asana seems to work wonders on your back and spine. If you were suffering from back problems and have been waiting for some relief, this is it. This asana is the miracle pill you have been looking for such a long time. As most asanas of Bikram Yoga help you with your back problem, this asana does the same. The stretching causes compression on your back making it supple. The hip area also gets toned with firm buttocks and thigh muscles. Your legs and arms also go through the stretch which elongates them for a sturdier look.

It opens up the diaphragm which helps in easy breathing. Many of the respiratory problems can be improved by the asana. The shoulder joints are also opened up by performing this pose. The rigid shoulders are stimulated providing you with an agile and fit body. As the arrow hits its target, this asana if done properly can achieve success. It has a formidable capacity of routing out many problems which bother us day in and out. It expands your rib cage making passage of air through the diaphragm very easy. Your lungs expand too which supports your respiratory mechanism. With every step, this asana has provided some immense benefits which may not be achieved by having allopathic medicines.

If your kidney needs to be flushed out of toxins, this asana is the best way to do it. Dandayamana dhanurasana pose clears the toxins present in the kidneys. Your bladder problem can be addressed by this asana. The urinary tract is also clear because of the removal of toxins. The digestive system is stimulated, relieving you from problems of digestion. A clear digestive system means, away from constipation, gas troubles and other problems related to digestion. It rejuvenates your mind and helps you become an active person. Lethargy seems to have lost its way due to the stimulating asana. It removes excess fat from all the required areas and gives you with a sleeker look.

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