Different Yoga Poses To Get Health Benefits

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By: Patresia Adams

There are many advantages to taking part in Yoga, but unlike other exercises there are many different yoga poses to be

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learned which is why I have decided to tell you about some of the main ones so that you can learn this age old art of stretching to give yourself a better body, relaxation and improve your inner strength.

As with most things you wish to learn, it is best to start with the basics and work up to the more complex poses with time once you have mastered the easier ones. The bridge pose is a good one to begin with but you need to make sure you stretch first to avoid injury.

Strengthening your core can help both in your day to day activities as well as any exercise or sports you take part in. This can be achieved with many different poses that are part of yoga. One that is common is the cat pose. If you have ever seen a cat stretch you will know where this name came from.

There are some of the exercises you are able to do in a standing position. They vary as to their benefit but are all steps in the right direction. If you suffer from tight hamstrings and wish to lengthen them you will definitely benefit from the big toe pose. It is pretty much as it seems, you have to bend down and touch your big toe without arching your back.

Meditation is just as important as the other kinds as you need to have a healthy body as well as mind. This means allowing free flowing thought so that you don’t have bad thoughts holding you back from inner peace. There are various yoga poses that can be taken while meditating and although some can take to them straight away others may take longer.

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