Different Yoga Types And Yoga Positions

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Yoga positions and poses have a history of more than five thousand years and were first practiced in ancient India. Today yoga has a global appeal with millions across the continents including it into their daily routine. Although the yoga positions and yoga poses seem to be identical, the effort and stress given for each and every pose differs.

A person wishing to practice yoga should first research about various yoga types and the results they offer and choose the most appropriate branch of yoga that meets his or her requirements. Given are some of the most practiced yoga types in America:

Hatha Yoga is touted as the most practiced physical yoga in the West. Hatha Yoga is one among the 6 main yoga branches comprising of the latest Bikram and Ahtanga. This yoga is practiced before you start meditating.

Anusara Yoga was developed by John Friend in 1997 and is believed to be one of the latest in yoga types. The yoga poses does not merely prepare your body for physical strength but rather addresses the unseen layers of spirituality, feelings and bonding towards fellow beings, unlocking the heart and mind of students.

Ashtanga Yoga, when compared to other yoga types is an energy consuming one with a large number of yoga positions changing in a pre determined set of yoga poses. This yoga comes before the Power yoga. Although both the Ashtanga and Power yoga poses are laborious, the latter does not have any set rule of yoga position change.

Bikram Yoga takes into account multiple facets of a persons body including, heart, general body physique and health. This style is also called as Hot Yoga due to the fact that it is practiced inside a room with temperatures in the range of 95-105 Fahrenheit. This yoga makes the body muscles fit for other yoga positions by loosening it. Sweating also detoxifies your system.

Iyengar Yoga focuses on the structural arrangement of human body. Using various supports from blankets to blocks, this yoga unlike Ashtanga, retains each yoga pose for long period.

Integral Yoga takes in it a lot of Hatha yoga positions along with spiritual mediation, soft chants and prayers. The yoga found by Sri Swami Sachidanda also has deep breathing techniques.

Kundalini Yoga will need speedy and calculated change of poses with stress on meditation, deep inhalation and soft chants with more focus on the spiritual aspect.

Prenatal Yoga is a yoga type that can be practiced by pregnant woman helping them attain more flexibility to their muscles and the pelvic floor. thereby reducing pregnancy related pain and promoting healthy child birth. Prenatal yoga positions have been developed keeping in view the stages of pregnancy and the needs at each stage. It can also be practiced after delivery.

Above mentioned are just a few of the larger group of yoga types across the world. Yoga positions have been proven to provide the endurance and vigor required by the stiff body. While different yoga styles, stand segregated on their effort and stress requirement, their final goal remains the same, strengthening of body and mind. It has also been proved that yoga positions tend to relieve pain and can bring blood pressure and cholesterol to healthy levels. The large number of yoga classes and their resourceful trainers helps a person wishing to practice yoga to select the best one for him considering his or her needs, goals and lifestyle.

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