Do you need weight training before now to study yoga with weights?

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You don’t need to have lifted weights before now to study yoga with weights. The weights you use are only 1 to 5 pounds and aren’t difficult to get the hang of. If you’ve never picked up a weight before, rest reassured that holding a pair of hand weights or strapping on a pair of ankle weights doesn’t take any expertise whatsoever. The weights help you feel more grounded but don’t weigh you down.

We’ve noticed that the yoga room intimidates people who have lifted weights. Why? Because weightlifters aren’t flexible, and they’re used to being some of the fittest, best athletes in the gym. Sherri can’t count the number of times weight trainers and big-time bodybuilders have told her, “I really want to come to your yoga class.” But only a handful of them showed up.

Stepping out of your element and comfort zone is a challenge for everybody, bodybuilders included, but taking that first step is actually much easier than you may think. The real beauty of yoga with weights for people who do lift weights regularly is that it benefits them in new and balanced ways, allowing them to reclaim full range of motion and flexibility while maintaining their strength. This is just what they often need.

One of the biggest attractions of yoga with weights is being able to lift weights and still maintain your flexibility. You get the same muscular tone you get from weight training and work on your flexibility as well. You won’t get “bulked up” or muscle-bound, but your muscles will be toned, defined, and strengthened.

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