Enhancing Fitness Yoga From Breast Disease

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Breast disease is present can be described as the biggest enemy of women, which not only threatens women’s health was seriously affected the whole family well-being. Yoga is one of the most healthy way to fitness, it should be how to use yoga exercises to help prevent breast disease it? Xiao Bian give you now introduce a few style fitness yoga to help you stay away from breast diseases, but not the immediate effect of yoga can be effective immediately, and you should be a long time.

The first step: Regular self-test

With the pulp attached to the breasts slowly moving clockwise or counterclockwise, not hand-Ji Nie, to avoid mistaken for normal breast tissue mass. In the process, such as unusual touch, it is timely to the hospital.

1:25 reminded over the age of women, breast self-inspection should be carried out once a month, there are menstruating menstruating women should be carried out at approximately 7 days have been post-menopausal, then a fixed choice of one day each month to be checked.

2:35 to remind women over the age of a year or a year and a half to do a special inspection of breast, because the early diagnosis of breast cancer need to rely on a number of technology, integrated system, only the professional bodies and inspection of equipment condition is qualified for the experience.

Yoga Hill-type

The second step – Hill-style: knelt. Intersection fingers, arms extended parallel to the ground. Head lowered, his chin leaning on the sternum. The palm turned to the front. His arms stretched as far as possible to the distance. Long, deep and steady breathing. Back as far as possible back Gong Qi. Hold the position for 1 minute.

Yoga latch-type

The third step – the latch-type: got on one knee, the body upright. Side of the leg straight, soles of the feet landing. Hands behind the. Suction. Breath, let the body bend to the straight side of the leg. Note to your chest then joined by crooked. Control of posture 1 minute. For the other side, repeat.

Yoga-style beef noodles

The fourth step – beef noodle type: front side of the body cross his legs, thighs contact with each other; to his right knee on the left knee. Sitting between the two heels, feet as close to the buttocks, back, to keep the vertical. Lifted from the shoulders down the back of his right hand bend, left hand reverse, in the back compared with the left hand grip, closely link to maintain posture, to breathe 8. Restore, exchange the location of feet legs and arms to repeat.

Yoga Tree-type

Fifth Step – a tree-style distortion: his hands together in prayer feet close together and two arm forcefully pushed each other in the opposite direction. Stood on the side of the leg to bring the other side of the thigh; or stand on one leg, knee bent, the other side of the ankle placed at the top of the bent knee. The keyword has been shielded in the arm Gaojuguotou. Stretching his arms upward. Hold the position for 1 minute.

To reduce the incidence of breast methods:

1, Sports.

2, reasonable diet, controlling total calorie intake.

3, reducing intake of animal protein.

4, multiple intake of soy protein.

5, vitamin C, A, trace elements such as selenium, iodine, zinc, copper and manganese.

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