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Author: Sara Valencourt

Today, you can choose a huge amount of choices to maintain your exercise regimen. Although you have so many choices of yoga classes at clubs, gyms and community centers in your neighborhood, you may wonder why it’s so hard to find the time to make it to a class. Perhaps with this popular form of exercise, yoga DVD’s have become a solid competitor with other at home programs.

A basic essence of what to consider before you begin your at home yoga practice is as follows:

1. Know that there are many forms of yoga out there.

Even though yoga has been around in the U.S.A. for decades, there are still new styles cropping up every year. It is good to familiarize yourself with the oldest and the latest practices before your purchase. Some practices will focus on building stamina while others help you to remove stress from your mind. While others focus on how to relax your mind and body with different kinds of breathing exercises, others are centered around the purpose of fast movements.

2. Go online or read yoga magazines.

Nowadays more people simply use the internet as the easiest tool to find anything they want. There are most yoga sites that will give you the newest information about yoga practice at home. You might want to start by searching for sites that will allow you to sneak peek at a review of yoga DVDs/videos. Interview fellow yoga practitioners and a teacher at your yoga studio and go to a site to ask questions on blogs and forums that are pretty useful.

Useful sites:
* http://www.YogaVideoSource.com – Good Resources for DVDs/videos
* http://www.YogaHub.org – Excellent Blog
* http://www.YogiTimes.com – Magazine with News & Useful Information

3. Your body condition today.

Are you a beginner, an intermediate or a professional? Is there back pain, neck pain, or other ailments? The better understanding you have of your body’s flexibility, the better it will be to determine what level of instructional DVDs/videos that is best suitable for you. Do you want to know how to release your stress, lose and keep the weight off, or tone and strengthen your total body? Perhaps it’s to find a way to obtain more balance of your stress life or to simply enjoy a gentle way of stretching? Look for some of these key words when you browse through the many choices. And most importantly do not forget to ask your instructor before you do anything with any new exercise practice.

Using yoga DVDs/videos at home, while traveling, or with friends will be one of the best alternatives to actually being in a class. It is a good opportunity to see a variety of yoga teachers from around the world. You can choose what time of the day best suits your schedule and feel free to take a break during a session anytime.

Once you have started using your first yoga DVD, you will quickly find yourself returning to the store for a second, a third and soon you will have a full library of yoga practices. It is not so hard to understand why the yoga practice has been more popular than ever and the convenience and time you save from going to a class just may be what you need to maintain a consistent practice.

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