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Yoga is an ancient art of staying match, both physically and mentally. The yoga advantages are thus huge that they are still being discovered nearly everyday. The benefits of this ancient art include physical, mental, emotional health, spiritual edges and natural healing.

The art of Yoga has evolved over many centuries in ancient India. The earliest records of this type of art are found in the ancient Hindu texts and mythologies. Yoga keeps the mind and body of an individual work by slowing down the natural aging process. It reduces the amount of toxins absorbed by our body cell and thus slows down its deterioration.

The physical well being of a person is an evident benefit of Yoga. There are specific yoga poses or asanas that are geared toward increasing height, losing weight from waist or hips, improving blood circulation, solving Gastrointestinal issues and respiratory problems, normalizing blood pressure levels and keep it beneath management, improving our cardio-vascular efficiency, improving physical strength and stamina are to name solely a few.

Beyond the more obvious physical edges, there are a number of spiritual edges of Yoga. At a basic level Yoga helps by improving our level of concentration and mental clarity. At a sophisticated level it improves thought control, mind control and is additionally known to assist in developing psychic powers. On a higher level Yoga unites ones self with the environment and also the individuals around us. It helps us realize and experience how we are One with nature. It’s a type of enlightenment that creates us feel at par with the universe. We become additional conscious of the lives of people around us and how they are intertwined with our own. This makes us feel at peace with ourselves. Purifying, healing and rejuvenating exercises can restore health, force of life, joy and additionally lengthen life span. Certain exercises, like Laya Yoga practices serve liberation, salvation of the soul and reinvent our relationship with God. Yoga thus provides mental peace and non secular harmony. The belief of ones spiritual self makes us a higher person.

The three main elements to the observe of Yoga are: respiratory, concentration and posture also called asanas. All three elements work along for specific objectives.

One in all the most commonly practiced asanas is that the Sirsha asana or the Headstand Pose. To do this exercise firstly kneel down and place your arms flat on the floor. Interlock fingers of both hands. Place your head between your hands, flat on the floor. Raise your back from the kneeling position so that you are on the tip of your toes, along with your head still on the floor. Slowly raise your legs off the ground therefore that it extends upwards, keeping the body aligned and balanced. Respiratory techniques used throughout the exercise enhance the general effect.

Respiratory techniques, also known a pranayama, is aimed toward bringing additional oxygen into our blood stream thereby improving the potency of our system. Respiratory techniques go hand in hand with the various asanas.

Yoga finds immense use in our present day lives. From relieving office work tension to keeping de-stressing ourselves on an extended flight to creating us a higher person in today’s outright competitive and religiously divided world. It brings out a harmony in our precariously unbalanced lifestyles and emotional stability to our personal lives. It’s stunning that sparing only a few minutes every day to follow this art will bring us enormous benefits.

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