Finding myself in Cost Rica, a delightful experience

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A while ago I found myself looking for the right place to build a better structure for my own body and soul, as I learned something new by doing it, so I lost myself in Costa Rica. It wasn’t until a good friend came back from there telling me how she had found Spanish and yoga in Costa Rica, and how it had simply changed her life. She found Spanish and yoga in Costa Rica, enjoyed herself more as a person and had learned a new language: things that seemed absolutely impossible for her at the age of 45.

She gave me all the right coordinates so I wouldn’t lose myself in doubt and there I went, for three weeks away from all the stress and pressure I had to be under constantly, to find myself in a program where I learned how to treat my body better as I learned Spanish! As soon as I got there, I saw that it didn’t matter if you’re a beginner in the language or in Yoga, or if you have experience with both of these subjects.

Spanish and Yoga in Costa Rica programs will show you that all you need is to trust the teachers and the environment and lose yourself in the paradise-like surroundings. Spanish and Yoga in Costa Rica is not something dedicated to an specific age group either, originally that was one of my biggest fears. I found myself surrounded by college students, housewives and business men all together for Spanish and yoga in Costa Rica enjoying themselves, despite any differences, and the best of it all is that we all became friends.

In La Escuela de Sol, you’ll find Spanish and yoga in Costa Rica, surf and fire dancing. All sorts of fulfilling activities for the most varied groups of people, and all the fellow students seemed happy, the very way I found myself discovering an improved human in the mirror. As you may check for yourself in the La Escuela del Sol website, the accomodations for your Spanish and Yoga in Costa Rica program and local excursions are part of the magic, and since the Spanish and yoga in Costa Rica program happens in Montezuma, the nature that’s part of the ambient will inspire you to reach out for the best, and believe me, that’s what I got and that’s more than what I expected.

You’ll find in the staff the reason for so many students being able to make the best of their staying for they’re pure joy themselves! So don’t waste any more time, come take Spanish and yoga in Costa Rica like I did myself as I learned to respect my time and space, and find yourself in the best of hands and in the best of locations with this unique and exquisite Spanish and yoga in Costa Rica program.

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