Flex And Flow With Yoga

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“Flow” describes a simple and fluid number of postures which act to counter-balance the extensive muscle tissue contracting., at the same time supplying the body with challenge and release. ”

Great things about Flex and Flow :

– Develop lean muscle strength

– Create a robust core middle

– Learn to flow and flex yoga exercise postures

– Time economical and functional workout

– A great general physique toner

Here’s the format – Have fun!

1. Mountain Flow ( take a position in mountain , bring hands to heart center, elevate

arms up, bring back to cardiovascular middle – repeat 15 times)

2. Moon Flow – Moon Flowers 10 – 12 x

3. Sun Flow Sunflowers 10 x

4. Seat Flow ten times

5 . Swan dive Flow ten times

6. Cat/Cow ten x

7. Spinal Stability 10 times

8. Side lank Flow ten x

9. Down Dog Lift five x

10. Plank Pushes ten x


12. Balance Warrior

13. Sun Posture

14. Chair

15. Rotating Chair

16. Horizontal Flexion

17. Warrior 2 Flow

18. Side Position Flow

19. Back Bend

20. Chest Expansion

21. Triangle Flow Series


23. Plank Flow

24. ABs Seated

25. Boat/Wide Boat

26. Butterfly

27. Turkish Twirl

28. Dead Bug

29. Bridge Flow

30. Abdominal Work

31. Butt Bridge Lifting

32. Upside Pigeon

33. Butterfly / Inv.

34. Spinal Twirl

35. Fish

36. Knees up to chest

37. Rest

Created by Beth Shaw, YogaFit Founder, Flex and Flow is a unique fusion of strength training and overall-physique stretches. The actual “Flex” describes isometric holds in conventional yoga postures targeted at strengthening and firming the main muscle groups in the body. Understand how to exercise the body as well as mind in a unique manner. Get the actual strength and aerobic gains from this particular exercise. As being a strengthening system, YogaFit Flex and Flow provides a thorough, time efficient and functional method to strengthen all of the muscles in our entire body, making use of our very own body weight as challenge.

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