General Rules for Yoga Beginners

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If you are a newcomer, digest the first lesson: you’ll gain experience eventually. Don’t try to do everything at once. It is absurd to expect you will get lotus pose after the first lesson. Bear and forbear, your effort will be rewarding!
First look through some general rules:

• Yoga poses should not be practiced for long duration before 12 years old.

• To get the best results, do yoga exercises about 30 to 45 minutes every day.

• The best suited time is suggested to be early morning hours, but it all depends on your own biological clock. If you can’t wake up so early with ease, don’t.

• Your stomach should be empty before and while practicing, it is permissible to have a meal about 3.5 hours before training and drink one hour before.

• Find a spacious, clean, airy, bright place for practicing. Try to avoid disturbances, deactivate your telephone, ask your relatives not to disturb you for some time.

• Yoga should not be practiced on bare floor but use mat or carpet below. Be careful, make sure, that its surface is not slippery.

• Wear comfortable, loose and clean yoga clothes. Prefer natural fabrics. Undergarments are necessary.

• Yoga conception anticipates vegetarian diet. If it is difficult, begin at the beginning. Leave out spicy and hot diet as much as possible, limit coffee.

• Women should not practice yoga during pregnancy and menses. There are special courses and yoga poses for pregnant woman.

• It is very important to take enjoyment in yoga and what you are doing.

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