Get Rid of Aches and Pains Through Yoga

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As you get older, things seem as if they are falling apart. Not just the outer shell of your body which can age rather quickly if you fail to take good care of yourself, but the inside tissue, muscles, joints and bones can suffer from aging and thankfully there are a few tricks out there to help slow the process down. Getting involved in practicing yoga for example is one of those methods to slow down the aging process and to decrease aches and pains in the body that you previously thought were going to be there for life.

Certainly practicing yoga will not heal ailments such as cancer or cure pain from a serious injury to the body, but what it can do is release tension in the joints and increase your flexibility. When you practice yoga, you need to pose in various positions to complete the exercises, somewhat similar to doing a back bend or sitting Indian style as you did as a young child. If you can do those tasks then yoga will be an easy process for you, if you cannot no need to worry as there are many modifications that can be done and beginner routines that are available.

Think of the millions of people suffering from chronic back pain everyday. The amount of money they must spend to make trips to the chiropractor’s office and medications to keep their spine upright and diffuse their pain enough so they can function all day is tremendous. Instead of taking medications that your body does not need or want inside it, these people could spend just one month practicing yoga and the results may surprise them. Yoga focuses on the core areas, which are the stomach muscles and the muscles in the back.

Almost every single person that religiously practices yoga has a flat stomach and a strong back. The stronger your stomach muscles are the less work your back needs to do as your stomach abdominal will support your frame to get up, to walk and to sit up all day long. Posture is key as well, if you work at a desk all day long it is imperative to get up and move around as much as possible. If you cannot move around at work, then contract your muscles while you are sitting. Pull in the abdominal just as you would in your yoga exercises and hold them there for one minute and repeat.

Any type of yoga will increase your range of motion and decrease the amount of pain you are in. To begin, you can attend yoga classes locally or you can pick up yoga videos and try it at home. Make sure you select a beginner video and not an advanced one as the poses will be too much to handle. Also, provide a stable area for the poses in which the floor is either carpeting or wood and in some cases you may prefer to buy your own yoga mat. Have water by your side and take your time while learning the poses. After one month of yoga your pains and stiffness in the joints will begin to diffuse and you will continue to practice yoga.

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