Go for yoga classes!

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Do you have knowledge about yoga? It has been derived from Sanskrit. What it means to “Following a method to make your mind and body healthy” Yoga basically mind and body but how? Asana is the perfect way of healing your physical body and pranayamas to your mentality and inner. Now you may ask what is asana. To sit in a particular posture is termed as asana. If you practice asana then it will heal your physical body.

There are hundred of asana that one can practice amongst are Padmaasanas, Sav asana, Sirsa asana, Bajra asana, maker asana, and many more. If you practice these asana may be in the morning then theses acts as a physical body improvement. Likewise if you practice the pranayamas, like Nadisodhan , Bharmri Pranayama,and others which means breathing in and out. and if you practice pranayamas then it improves your health and mind. And last but not least the dhayanas or the meditation you are aware about it. So in short to improve your mind and body yoga which consists of asana and pranayamas is very effective .What you have to do is you can practice taking the tool of television or consult a n experienced guru a teacher. Follow yoga and be healthy and wise. Should I give you some tips? OK, in my next article. Meanwhile what you can do is join a nice what I mean by nice is there must be good trainer, and get the knowledge of yoga. So do it!!

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