Great Yoga Exercises

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It can be difficult to find a great yoga routine. Often, people may be confused which yoga exercises or “poses” are the best. A lot of times it may depend on what you’re looking for-relaxation, strength and conditioning, balance, posture, core strength, etc. However, yoga can accomplish all of these things at once in one short workout.

In my opinion, the best yoga exercises come from Ashtanga yoga or “power” yoga. Ashtanga yoga makes for a great workout as it works all muscles. In a general Ashtanga yoga workout, one will work through series of sun salutations, various balance postures(i.e. half moon, royal dancer, etc), breath work, and relaxation poses(i.e. corpse, fetus, etc.). Ahstanga is guaranteed to make you sweat, and is also guaranteed to work your muscles. It makes for toned, strengthened muscles.

Another benefit of Ashtanga is that it, like other styles of yoga, uses the vinyasa “flow” method. The vinyasa “flow” method makes for smooth, easy transitions between moves. Additionally, Ashtanga will stretch all of your muscles, especially the back, hamstrings, and hips. These stretches make it great if you’ve got lower back pain, hip pain, or pain in the legs. Especially if you’re an athlete, this can be very beneficial in order to prevent future injuries.

Ashtanga yoga is great, but where can you find a great Ashtanga routine? I highly recommend a program called Runner’s Yoga. Runner’s Yoga borrows heavily from Ashtanga yoga, and implements audio-visual learning in order to help you learn the poses at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. Despite the title, it’s not just for athletes, and it’s a great program for anyone looking into yoga!

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