Hatha Yoga – How Can It Benefit Me?

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Hatha Yoga is a particular system of yoga, introduced in the 15th century in India. The word “HATHA” includes 2 words, which separated stands for solar-“HA” and lunar-“THA”. But when the 2 words are combine together are meant to join your sun-masculine, active energy with your moon-feminine, receptive energy. This unity will produce a balance. This balance will bring great power to your mind and soul. Hatha yoga is very popular in the western world because it fits the busy energetic lifestyle, that most people have. It only takes a 30 to 45 minutes about 3 times a week to start seeing real changes in your body and the reduction in your levels of stress. One of the best things about Hatha Yoga is that there is no age restrictions. From a spiritual point of view our soul has no age and it is always young.

When you are doing the physical exercises with Hatha Yoga you will be affecting all of your system. This will make your body and mind stronger, fitter and healthier. Remember! Before you start any Hatha Yoga course, You should always ask your GP to make sure it is suitable for you. Sometimes we are too interested in healing the body and we forget that as humans we also have to heal the soul and the mind. In that way the Hatha Yoga can help. If you practice Hatha Yoga and have a low-fat diet you can reverse the clogged arteries,which can also reduce the risk of coronary hearth disease. Hatha Yoga stimulates circulation by deep breathing exercises, which gives a regular nourishment all over your body. The combination of flexibility, cleansing breathing and inner comfort helps deter aging.

If you have never done yoga before here are some tips to help you.

1. Take it slow. Do not forget you do not need to win a marathon to have a yoga workout. The whole point of the Hatha Yoga is to take every step slow and gently.

2. Listen to your body. Every one of us have different lifestyle’s and habits. Do what suits you best and never ever let yourself feel uncomfortable.

3. Breath slowly and deeply. Good supply of oxygen is a vital part of Hatha Yoga. As well as nourishing your body you will be bringing inner peace to your mind and soul.

4. Practise regularly. You might not be able to do the routine every day but 3 times a week is also great. The most important thing is that this will be time for you. Time to treat your mind, body and soul.

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