Have That Happier, Fuller And Comprehensive Self With Yoga

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By: Linda Adams

Yoga newbies, though, need to first get to know what its really about and the personal gains from it.

“Yoga” is an old Sanskrit term. Sanskrit is the old tongue spoken by the Brahman caste, considered the elite in India.The Sanskrit translation of yoga means to yoke, or to unite.Others define it as ‘joining,’ ‘uniting,’ ‘union,’ ‘contemplation,’ ‘absorption’ or ‘conjunction.Jainism is one school of Hinduism, where yoga translates as ‘the sum total of all activities – mental, physical and verbal. So we make the logical understanding of Yoga to be a unifying or integrating pursuit. In this aspect, Yoga would be the way to wholeness in your life.

Yoga seeks to integrate the mental with the physical. As the world modernized, these two aspects separated and were treated particularly. Its not rare to hear a description of feeling out of touch with the body. The detachment of our mind from our body can be the cause for this situation. You get besieged by life’s daily stresses that you feel about to cave in under all the pressures besetting you. Though this is just a worst-case scenario, and there are milder instances that occur, it is all so true that the detachment of mind from body is happening all over this globalized world.

Yoga could be the way towards reconnecting your heart and mind and body. The reintegration will provide you with the opportunity to take pleasure in your life, cope with daily pressures and value life in its every aspect.

Yoga also aspires for bridging the gap between our emotions and our rational self. Similar to the mind-body disconnection feeling that befalls us sometimes, we usually direct ourselves to holding back our feelings that we come up having to rationalize them. In the event that it becomes habitual, we’ll be confronted with serious health issues. It is important to note that emotions, especially the negatives like anger or frustration, should be articulated or allowed release. These would then build up into stress-related problems, the outlet for their release. The capacity of yoga for consciousness-raising carries with it the capacity for the release of these emotions before any harm occurs.

Yoga is really a potent instrument for the combination of our physical and psychological aspects. As your awareness level rises, you also begin to realize that you are not an entity in yourself but you are just a fraction of a bigger whole. The principle of yoga is all-inclusive and stimulates a practitioner to unite with everything and everyone around. Integrating all aspects in you with everything around you is the foundation for overall well being and personal growth. That is surely the reason for yogas survival over the centuries and being a fundamental component in the lives of a lot of people.

Yoga has the capacity to improve your personal growth. It can aid your re-unification with your true emotions and harmonize your emotional side. It can support your aim to be more complete and more authentic and less disjointed. The need to ‘put on’ would fade and you’d be more comfortable with just being you. You can then look forward to enhanced relations with other people since your enhanced self-awareness and acceptance, through Yoga, would give you that capacity.

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