Health Yoga Benefits For Everyone

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Health yoga is almost like saying the same word twice, as if you do yoga, you improve your health I many ways. As we all get older, we begin looking for ways to become healthier on the inside and out. And the results from the research completed always points to eating right and exercising.

From my research, I have found that yoga is one of the best exercises one can do for their well-being. I like to call it health yoga. Not many people truly realize the benefits from health yoga because they don’t understand the art of it. If you look more into it, you will see that it isn’t your typical exercise routine. Not only is it helping you to become more fit and flexible, but it is allowing the union of your mind and body to become one.

When this is done, it is a very beautiful thing. Personally, I enjoy practicing health yoga because of the results I’ve received. It has improved my posture, alignment and patterns of movement. It allows you to relax and become in sync with yourself. People I know that are practicing yoga have commented on their increased energy levels and peace of mind. A lot of them are a lot happier as well.

Many of the people I know started practicing yoga because their bodies’ were becoming stiff due to the natural aging process. After beginning health yoga, their bodies are more fit and flexible, making them feel young again. If you can start practicing yoga at a young age, I believe the benefits over time will be phenomenal. But health yoga at any age is a definite plus for strength, flexibility and balance.

Physiological Benefits of Yoga

Some of the physiological benefits we can receive from yoga include:
Lower Blood Pressure
Slower Heart Rate
Stable Autonomic Nervous System Equilibrium
Musculoskeletal Flexibility and Joint Range of Motion Increase
Improvements in Reaction Time
Posture Improvement
More Strength and Resiliency
Normalized Weight
Improvement in Balance
Improvement in Immunity
Higher Energy and Endurance
Integrated Functioning of Body Parts
Psychological Benefits of Yoga
Now, what I find most interesting about health yoga is that it doesn’t only benefit the physical body, but the mind as well. Many people look at yoga as a spiritual and mental exercise. Some of the psychological benefits of yoga include:
Decrease in Anxiety and Depression
Improvements in Attention, Learning Efficiency, Social Skills and Memory
Decrease in Hostility
Improvement in Depth Perception and Concentration
Improvement in Mood
Increase in Self-acceptance
If you’re looking to begin your journey to a better you with health yoga, I say go for it! There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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