Heat Things Up With Hot Yoga

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Yoga is considered to be a spiritual exercise but not quite religious; many people don’t understand this aspect of yoga, but when practiced for a while it becomes quite apparent. The objective of yoga is to bring a balance to work and a healthy mind.

Yoga is from the language Sanskrit and means “union” or “merger”. Its purpose is to unite the mind and body to harmonize and work together, through solidarity.

Through a series of stretches and movement you are squeezing toxins out of your muscles, and at the same time you are practicing control over your body. While performing yoga, you want to keep your breathing as smooth and even as possible.

Speeding up your breathing will raise your heart rate, which can adversely raise tension in muscles and also create stress. Taking this into account, breathing is one of the key factors to yoga without a healthy slow breathing pattern you will not get all that you can from yoga.

These stretches that detoxify your body also cleanse your mind. The detoxification of your body will result in an overall relaxed feeling of well-being and comfort.

Detoxification will also increase energy, and it may assist in weight loss. Not to mention detoxing will contribute to the performance of the major organs especially the kidney and liver.

Yoga has been shown also to lower your resting heart rate, by improving overall cardio performance. This lessens the strain on your heart giving you yet another feeling of peace and well-being.

Balance, strength and control of your body are all greatly affected by yoga as well. Improving balance will protect your posture and spine, thus preventing scoliosis.

Strength and control have obvious benefits associated with them. Who doesn’t want greater strength and physical control?

Stretching is a low-tension lean muscle building action. So doing yoga will keep you slim and fit while also strengthening.

Now you take all this and through it in a hot and humid room and you have mind-body union on steroids. A sauna will take the strained toxins from your muscles and push them out of your skin through your sweat.

This effectively doubles the detoxing effects of yoga; hot rooms have also been shown to improve blood pressure levels, improve skin and may help lose weight. When doing hot yoga it is advisable you keep an iced water bottle with.

Keeping the water iced will make it so you have something to hydrate and cool the inside of your body with. If you are not careful you could suffer from heat exhaustion.

Hot yoga is rapidly growing in popularity. Most major gyms will have a hot room where they hold weekly or daily hot yoga routines.

It is also a good idea to keep exercise equipment at your home such as mini trampolines and treadmills so that you can still get in a 20 min. workout when you can’t get to the gym for your other exercise options.

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