Hot Yoga Review

Author: Carol Galanty

Source: Galantys Game Plan

I never knew I had sweat glands in my shins. I kept wondering where the water pouring down my legs was coming from…my shins and knees couldn’t possibly be producing sweat. Perhaps my vision was just blurred from the sweat pouring off of the tip of my nose and I was starting to hallucinate. I’m not typically a sweater, so all of this liquid pouring from my body was a bit disturbing to me. The source of all the sweating…I was in the midst of my first hot yoga class.

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About the Author

Carol Galanty Jones As a busy working mother of three school-age children, Carol Galanty understands the challenges one faces while attempting to make healthy lifestyle choices. Carol received her certification as a holistic health counselor from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Teacher’s College at Columbia University, but she views her role as the family’s chief nutritionist as being her most valuable qualification. Other random facts about our founder…she is an avid tennis player and yogi, she holds a bachelors degree in International Business and French from Marymount College and she runs a photography business specializing in children and family portraits. (View some of her work at Carol has found that following a whole foods diet that is comprised primarily of raw foods enables her to have the focused energy required to juggle it all. She is excited to share her knowledge and assist others in transitioning to a healthier way of life. To contact Carol: Email: Phone: 631-235-3816 Snail mail: P.O. Box 1051, East Quogue, NY 11942