How Is Yoga Helpful In Preventing The Common Cold?

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By : Arun Yadav

Usually people move to doctors for common cold. Cold is being in minor disorder that can destroy your immune system if left uncured? All of the symptoms of cold are extremely irksome to the point of ruining your whole day. There are very limited alternatives available in terms of medications for cold. The best alternatives therapies are available in yoga cold remedies are engaging in center stage of late. One needs to learn the actual poses and right way to perform the yoga under the guidance of a yoga teacher is essential for practicing yoga poses for a cold.
Symptoms of a Cold
Some of the common cold symptoms are:

Sneezing and Scratchy Throat

Runny Nose and Sore Throat
Cough, Headache and Mild Fever
Cough is mainly way of eradicating mucus or foreign material from your respiratory system (lungs and air passages) (Become a Yoga Instructor). It is the body’s immediate protection mechanism for respiratory annoyance.

Causes of Common Cold
It might be happen that you will are suffering from common cold in the any seasons. It has been noticed that adults get 2-5 times and caught children get 3-8 cold by the cold children per year. Children generally obtain it from other children. The reason behind dispersal of cold is 200 various viruses.

Two Hundred Different Viruses
There are about two hundred various varieties of cold causing viruses. Rhinoviruses have about 100 various varieties which are not known to cause any serious danger. Others such as respiratory syncytial virus and parainfluenza can be reason for mild infection for adults. Children are known to experience sever lower respiratory troubles.

Corona Viruses
Corona viruses also caused common cold and this viruses is give sever causes that names severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). And due to this 3000 have lost their lives the throughout the world.

How Does Yoga Help In Preventing Cold?

It is the prominence that yoga places on breathing that aids to overcome a cold. The vilomas & anuloma and a variety of yoga poses from the yoga teacher training as well as kapalabhati work efficiently on the respiratory system for instant and long term relief.

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