How Meditation And Music Helps In Deepening Kundalini Yoga Practice

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By : Raj Malhotra

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient Yoga form which enables the human mind to tap the infinite potentials that lie dormant. This form of Yoga believes that there is a powerful energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine, curled up like the lock of a hair or a coiled serpent. This tremendously infinite energy or Kundalini energy is the essence of our lives and Kundalini Yoga aims to tap this energy. Through meditation and other techniques such as Yoga exercise and mudras and breathing techniques, a person becomes much more aware of oneself. He is able to live in the present and is able to successfully ward-off the unnecessary thoughts. Accompanying meditation music in a person’s Yoga pursuits is a wonderful thing. Spirit Voyage is a premier online music company which offers various meditation music CDs and Yoga DVDs which will surely help in deepening a person’s Kundalini Yoga practice.

It is known that music has a tremendous impact in our psychological pattern. Music has the power to charge us up and calm us down instantly. People attach memories with music. The mind replays those memories when the a particular music are played. Music is thus, related to the mind. Yoga gurus have devised certain music patterns which benefit the mind and the over-all psyche of the person. There are various Yoga DVDs which have been created to assist a person in his/her Yoga pursuits and also enable him/her achieve deeper insights.

Kundalini Yoga has been the harbinger of love, peace and happiness throughout centuries to those who have practiced it. Kundalini Yoga achieves the result many times faster than other forms of Yoga. There are seven chakras in the human body and another on top of it. These chakras, or the energy centers are the main focus in Kundalini Yoga. Through Yoga exercises as well as meditation routine, these chakras or the energy centers are activated, thereby proving beneficial to the body parts they are related. Yoga classes of today incorporate music in meditation. Yogi Bhajan believed that through music in meditation, a person’s meditation experience achieves a divine state. Meditation music CDs such as Liquid Bells Tibetan Bowl, Into Grace and Kundalini Meditation available in Spirit Voyage will surely help a person. These albums have been created by some of the world renowned singers such as Snatam Kaur, WAH!, Donna De Lory and Dya Singh will surely help you to achieve a state of divinity. Spirit Voyage also offers a variety of Yoga books that helps one to explore the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. Furthermore, Spirit Voyage also offers variety of yoga accessories such as yoga mats, yoga and meditation rugs, cushions and many more.

The Yoga mats have tremendous significance. Intense positive energies are developed during a yoga routine. Yoga mats help in protecting the positive energies by insulating them from dissipating into the earth. Wearing right kind of yoga apparel is necessary. Spirit Voyage offers a variety of Yoga clothes that are stitched in natural fabric and comfortable. A practitioner can thus perform the asanas with all ease. Spirit Voyage offers yoga clothes for Kundalini yoga, yoga tops, jeweleries and more. There are cotton, linen and rayon shirts, pants and shorts. Spirit Voyage also offers meditation malas. Meditation malas help enhance the mediation session. The use of a mala can help focus on your meditation. The unique properties of the mala help to improve the power of meditation.

Music, with specific tones and rhythms tend to create a soothing ambiance and take the mind to higher, spiritual realms. With spirit Voyage meditation music, enlighten your inner self and experience an eternal bliss.

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