How Should Runners Incorporate Yoga Into Their Workout Routine?

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Running is a great exercise that can help burn extra calories and get your body into optimum shape. The problem is that running can be very hard on the body. Doing yoga can be a great thing to help keep your body in balance, prevent injury, help you to be more aware of yourself and your body’s needs, and help you relax after a hard run.

Running can be great for keeping in shape, and coupling it with the strength and toning exercises and stretches yoga offers can do much more. Running burns calories to help you stay in shape, but yoga can help you to keep those muscles limber instead of tight after a hard run. Yoga helps to strengthen muscles that may not be getting the benefit from your running as well.

Yoga is a great strength training exercise, but it is also relaxing. Running is a very strenuous activity which requires stamina. The body naturally produces pain killers that may make a runner unaware of the injury they are causing their body. By stopping to do yoga, relaxing, and taking it slow, you will become more aware of these types of injuries and help prevent them, or take precautions from making them worse.

Yoga helps to keep a runner limber, making it easier to run further with less risk of injury. By stretching the muscles thoroughly, you are helping to strengthen and protect them so they will do better during your run. Yoga also helps to increase your oxygen intake thanks to the deep breathing used in yoga. The increase in oxygen can help to provide better breathing during a run, helping the runner go farther and control breathing while getting optimum oxygen to their muscles.

Runners should combine their normal running schedule with a yoga routine daily to keep the body in balance, keep the body limber, increase oxygen intake, and help them to achieve a feeling of relaxation after a long run. The combination will maximize the benefits of each, helping them work together in perfect harmony.

When you combine the strengthening and lengthening power of yoga and use it along with your running regimen, you are sure to see positive results. For a body that is strong, lean, injury free, and has the capacity for maximum oxygen intake, let yoga guide you and help you meet all of your running needs.

Runner’s Yoga is a surprisingly challenging type of cross training.

There are so many types of yoga out there, you can definitely get a workout with a hot, active yoga practice, or you can opt for something more flexibility oriented or meditative.

Whatever your preference yoga for runner’s really makes sense.

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