How To Clean The Body The Yoga Way

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Folks, it goes without saying that the ancient Yoga Gurus have definitely covered plenty of ground in regards to studying the human body and knowing just how it works for its optimal functioning.

Not only have they gone over and deduced arguably the best exercises for mankind, but with the Yogic Diet, meditation and what I am about to discuss briefly, one can definitely help in alleviating a plethora of health problems.

What I am about to discuss is known as Kriyas in Sanskrit or cleansing exercises for the body.

Although some of them might sound absurd and cause the average person to squirm, they are highly effective in alleviating tons of diseases.

One particular stand-out is the Kunjar Kriya or the Water Purification exercise.

*Stomach Cleansing:

It entails drinking a large quantity of warm water (32 oz) shaking the abdominal contents (via nauli see text of abdominal exercises) and tickling the back of the tongue which would induce vomiting.

This is done first thing in the morning and IS NOT NECESSARY FOR THE BEGINNER!

This process is the basis of my choosing the recommended staples and recipes in my diet as I (intentionally at times) took notes of the content I regurgitate the next morning.

If the contents were not clear as in water and slight mucus, I ensure to abstain from the item or recipe (Food Combination).

An alternative for you as a health-seeker is my provision information on those foods which I know based on my notes pass through the alimentary canal quickly and efficiently while mechanically removing debris.

I must stress again, not unless you are just adventurous like me or have adequate knowledge in the art of yoga, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS STOMACH CLEANSING EXERCISE WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE.

It truly is just something I wanted to share to illustrate/validate certain aforementioned points.

Care of the Teeth:

I often receive compliments on my dentition and besides my mother’s genes; other factors come into strong play: Proper Maintenance and Diet.

Most People in the west pay very little attention to proper dental hygiene or use absurd chemical substances such as toothpaste containing the poisonous fluoride.

Furthermore, they wonder why halitosis still persists. Nothing more is required to clean the teeth than a firm brush and say un-iodized sea-salt or if you are adventurous, a chew-stick (ask any African Friend if you have one.) Moreover, daily consumption of leafy veggies is essential.

Cavities can be caused by constant acidity in your mouth which is a consequence of over consumption of acid (mucus) forming foods (see Chapter 13 on acid and alkaline forming foods).

Eating these foods leads to acidic blood which would rob calcium from the bones as this is necessary to neutralize the acids. (Which is one other reason to reduce high protein foods).

Moreover, for an overall showering and all around body cleanse, I will suggest the following:

1. Applying NOTHING but plain cool water and Witch Hazel to the face (cool that is) for rinsing. (after showering, and do ensure the upper body is well covered so as not to chill the exposed chest.

2. When taking a shower, please ensure to

a. Use a shower-filter.

b. Use Fragrance-Free, Hypo-Allergenic Shampoos and Facial Bar Soaps (Personally I use Burt’s Bees and Neutrogena Respectively, I’m still in search for a more natural face wash but, hey…)

c. Not have the water running directly on your face, for some reason it tends to aggravate breakouts even more. Perhaps because it dries out the skin and in the process of the organ trying to re-lubricate it self, maybe acne tends to be aggravated.

Well, so there you have it folks, helpful information on the use of Yogic methods (and other more conventional ones) for cleansing and helping to keep the body clean.

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