How to Do a Yoga Head Stand

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And while building core strength and focusing on your breath are key parts of yoga, the truth is that your yoga practice can encompass a wide array of challenging and difficult moves that take years to master and require a strong and powerful body to hold. One such pose is the head stand, a classic inversion that requires not only excellent technique but strength and a little bravery. In today’s article we’re going to look the basic steps involved, and help you understand what you need to do to accomplish this pose.

First, what does a classic head stand look like? The finished result should involve your body being vertical but head down, feet pointed at the ceiling. Your weight should be resting mostly on your forearms, with the top of your head resting right before and nestled within your interlaced fingers. You should be powerful but not tensed, and should feel comfortable and balanced.

The basic set up is simple. While on your knees you should place your forearms on the mat before you, with your elbows forearm distance apart. Check by making sure the opposite hand can touch your elbow by swiveling. Too far apart and you lose strength; too close and it becomes much harder to balance. Once your elbows are the right distance, you interlace your fingers.

The next part involves placing the crown of your head on the ground just within your interlaced fingers. From there, with your base established, you can practice kicking your legs up carefully to gain a sense of what it should feel like to have your body’s weight resting on your forearms and head.

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